My phone camera was busy yesterday — and FotoSketcher as well

I have a backlog of amazing Russian and Ukrainian vlog posts over the past several days, and no doubt more before I share any here. But I will. Today, however, my yesterday in pics. And I was just around home as befits an old pensioner like me.


Later a FotoSketch colour pencil go at that:

I was out there awaiting my Woolies order, having received an SMS telling me I was next in line. And sure enough:


Last of the Woolies burger patties from last week. Cheese melt, solanato tomatoes, egg, Beerenberg tomato chutney. Solanato tomatoes are great cooked — full of that flavour we all recall!

FotoSketcher play after lunch

That laptop cam selfie from the Club on Monday. Decided to try it as a watercolour.


Could not pass this up! From my window looking towards Mount Kembla. I have to anglle the phone awkwardly when I seek a shot so far south-west, so it is hard to get the escarpment level!

Yesterday and various arty and musical treats

Yesterday saw me back at City Diggers for lunch.

More people did come in, including Colin and we shared what has become the signature dish here.

After lunch a quick chat with Sirdan in New Zealand, thanks to the phone running on the Club’s free wi-fi! Col had a word with him too….

And check the room above, so you can compare it with the first arty thing — the ongoing adventures with FotoSketcher.

That colour pencil render now serves also as my header on Facebook. And here is another, this time one of my recent window shots. UPDATE: FotoSketcher has given it a like on Facebook! Chuffed!

Now to music and a couple of people you have seen on this blog in the past — but not in a while.

Josh Turner

Michael Andreas

He turned 21 in September.

Rather more famous

Sunday night was a touch wild…

This is not last Sunday night but is very similar — and it is my place in West Wollongong, but 11 years ago:

This is last Sunday night which I “live blogged” on Facebook.

There had been last minute warnings just before 7 pm — and when I checked the official radar:

My window affords a good vantage point, looking west towatds the escarpment.

Fortunately it fairly quickly passed out to sea.

Thanks for the memories, Facebook and blogging! 50 years…

Back to when I was teaching at The Illawarra Grammar School and looked like this:

Wollongong 1973

Teaching at TIGS and always treated with the greatest respect:

A colleague in the Art Department was David Humphries, a most interesting young man who had himself gone to TIGS. He went on to considerable success, as this from 1996 shows. He is still quite recognisable to me as well in this one.

Yesterday Facebook sent me this:

On Facebook I wrote:

Wow! It’s 14 (sic — 16 in fact!) years now since I dined at his place…. I guess we have both aged!

Marvellous having a blog by the way from which I can pull up not just the memory of meeting up with David again but what I said and did at the time!

That refers to these entries

Random notes 23 September 2006

My colleague of thirty-four year ago, David Humphries, and I have made contact. I am having dinner with him soon. He tells me the internet is renewing all sorts of contacts. I mentioned my own a few years ago with Jay Caselberg (James A. Hartley), a novelist now living in Germany it seems. Unfortunately a “senior moment” blocked the name as I was talking to David, but (obviously) I recall it now. Then more recently there had been Scott Poynting and a class-mate of his, Ralph T, whose brother Ian T was a classmate of Simon H, who I have maintained contact with all these years. Wednesday night could prove interesting.

Lord Malcolm is still in the hospice, but the Swans winning through to the Grand Final has obviously brought him back to life. He tells me he comes home on Monday.

The public art of David Humphries 28 September 2006


Here is where I had dinner last night and a few red wines, meaning I do feel a touch seedy this morning… But what a great night it was, excellent conversation going back thirty years and more. I took the bus out to Rosebery and entered David’s studio, greeted by Jacko the red-tailed black cockatoo flying freely through as wonderful an interior garden as you could imagine. The pictures don’t do it justice….

Yes, in 2022 it is as I remenber it from 2006:

I see writer Jay Caselberg is mentioned in the first of those entries, the pen name of J Anthony Hartley — a student of mine back in 1973 at TIGS. He shared on Facebook today: Selected Poetry by J. Anthony Hartley.

J. Anthony Hartley is a transplanted British/Australian author and poet. He has had pieces appear in Short Fiction, Hybrid Fiction, Short Circuit, Unthinkable Tales, The Periodical, Abandon Journal, and forthcoming in The Quarter(ly), Underland Arcana, among others. He currently resides in Germany and can be found at and @JAnthonyHartle1. Apart from short fiction and poetry, he also writes the occasional novel.