Seen in July 2014

Five years ago!

Looking a bit moth-eaten, this cockatoo had a rest outside my window yesterday afternoon. The wind is ruffling its feathers.


Noticed the light as I got off the 39 bus in Mount Keira Road yesterday around 4.30 pm.


Looking more closely, observe on the left Nan Tien, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

From Illawarra Brewery, City Beach Wollongong:


As I waited in Mount Keira Road for the 11.20 am 39 bus I felt the chill…


Azaleas — West Wollongong:


What a sunset! From my window in West Wollongong:




Seen in June 2014

Five years ago!

At Illawarra Brewery:




And here I am in the very early 1990s with a friend of M, a former member of the Chinese Air Force. Lovely man. Part of that post-Tiananmen crowd.


The Steelers Club had such an excellent Chinese Restaurant — now gone:


There was some wild weather. The highest wind gusts in the Illawarra were recorded at Albion Park with 117km/h at 4.23pm, closely followed by Bellambi with 107km/h at 4.47pm. When I poked my nose out at my place that night:


Wollongong was changing:



Morrison’s unfortunate choice

I shuddered:

The man responsible for community safety and multiculturalism in Scott Morrison’s new ministry has pledged to work closely with Islamic, Sudanese and other key communities but is making no apology for leading the charge against “African gangs” in his home city.

Liberal MP Jason Wood, a supporter of Peter Dutton in last year’s leadership coup, will now work underneath Mr Dutton in the Home Affairs portfolio as assistant minister for customs, community safety and multicultural affairs….

Not a good omen at all!

I have been beavering away over the years on this and previous blogs. Here is one set I am still very proud of and committed to:

Being Australian

In January 2011 I posted a series exploring this topic. Creating this page has also revealed I misnumbered the posts! Now corrected.


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  3. Being Australian 3: Richard Tognetti, Wollongong, multiculturalism

  4. Being Australian 4: joined the Diggers Club, mate!

And more. Do look!

M visits The Gong

Had a surprise phone call Sunday morning: M and a friend were driving down to Wollongong and wanted to lunch with me. We settled on City Diggers. Their Sunday menu was particularly good yesterday.

M (who had a serious accident on his bike a few months back) has healed well, though he is still off work.


The view from Diggers looking north, five years ago, when they were still working on the new Mall in Crown Street.

Screenshot (264)

Intersection of Crown Street Mall and Church Street, looking south — 2018