Five years ago

Reposting images from July 2013.

West Wollongong:


Wollongong Harbour:

FotoSketcher - P7230217

At Illawarra Brewery:





A cold wet Monday in The Gong

Things are a bit hot down the road at Port Kembla though.


According to The Illawarra Mercury:

Operations at Port Kembla have been suspended as firefighters continue to battle a large blaze that broke out on a ship in Port Kembla early Monday morning.

Up to 100 firefighters are battling the blaze that broke out in the ship’s hold just after 3am.

Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Norm Buckley said it was a challenging job.
“We’re going to be there for a long time,” Inspector Buckley said….

I am currently safe and warm with my computer, free internet, and even a free coffee! And the caption on the following is correct this time. The beard seems to have shrunk.


Random items on Queen’s Birthday

Let’s start there, as it is a good news story! Yes, it is the Queen’s OFFICIAL birthday and the local version of the Honours List is out. I am pleased to see a familiar Wollongong face — my boss 40 years or so ago.

Rex Cook still keeps in touch with students he first taught when he started teaching at Grafton High School back in 1950. The love and affection these students, many of whom are aged in their 70s and 80s, still have for her father, is one of the reasons Wendy Cook-Burrows nominated Mr Cook for an OAM.

She said the 92-year-old Mount Ousley man was “gobsmacked” when notified of his OAM for service to the community of Wollongong, and to education….

And I taught Wendy back then too…

Next: Getty Images has released a set of slides claiming to be Australia’s oldest. This one is particularly evocative, though there are no details of its provenance.


Now to the weird and wonderful present. China Daily has posted this on Twitter, probably with due glee:

Screenshot (174)

Yes indeed. Read Donald Trump adviser says ‘special place in hell’ for Justin Trudeau as White House steps up G7 row (not from China Daily.) I for my part am considering joining the Justin Trudeau Fan Club! After all, his country is a fellow Commonwealth member!

And we are all on tenterhooks with eyes on Singapore now. I hope the famous one-minute body language reader reads correctly. (Maybe I should warn him that if a Korean gives you full eye contact it is not necessarily a good sign, despite our western assumptions.)

. Looking just past the person’s face is generally the norm from what I’ve noticed. I don’t think you need to stress over the occasional direct glance, but you should be careful about “gazing”, or staring directly into someone’s eyes for a long period of time. It’s considered challenging and possibly even aggressive, depending on circumstance.