Has anything happened to Daniil?

In the last post on this subject I shared an Instagram post from Daniil and a short time later that post disappeared. That led me (and others) to wonder if anything has happened to him. He has been travelling outside Russia for a while now, most recently in Italy. His vlogging partner Artyom has been carrying on the Russian vox pops, though one has not appeared in the past few days.

Of course it is also possible that Daniil himself took the post down, thinking either that it was too depressing, or unwise.

UPDATE 13th December 2022

A couple of days ago Daniil posted in YouTube Communities:

Hey, I received this little souvenir [a trophy for number of subscribers gained] from YouTube in March of this year!

Right after I received it, I had to leave Russia due to mobilization rumours.

I left the souvenir at my friend’s house and after some time this friend told me he lost it!

It might have been the end of the story if he didn’t find it the other day!

So, now I’m publishing it on ebay, and all the money from the auction will be sent to Ukrainian refugees!

He is posting from various parts of Russia at this time.

UPDATE — quite a bombshell announcement. Scroll down….

Daniil in Moscow in April 2022 — from this interview:

Just recently, the comments on my YouTube videos said things like, “Russians are just like us.” But as the situation in Ukraine has progressed, they now tend to be more like: “Russians are brainwashed.”

I’m glad people are watching the videos because I know from my experience how helpful YouTube can be. We’re lucky to be able to learn online.

You’ll notice that in my videos, there’s a pretty clear divide between the answers coming from people who grew up in Soviet times and the younger people. When the older generations were growing up, they got their education only from books or teachers — they didn’t have access to the world like people my age do. The position that I’m in, running this channel, wouldn’t have even existed back then….

Just last week, on one of my own videos, one viewer wrote: “You are not scared, not because you are fearless, but because you just haven’t been scared yet.”

That blew my mind. I know what I’m doing is risky, but maybe I don’t feel worried about it because I’ve never actually been that worried. But at the same time, I’m just the storyteller. A lot of people direct-message me asking for my opinion on various topics, but I don’t answer them. 

I see my role as being the person who helps tell people’s stories, and I’ll continue to do so to show how and what Russians feel.

Interview for Business Insider by Stefano Montali

Three months ago Daniil featured on Canadian CBC News — so one way or another he would have attracted attention in Russia.

Age-restricted it seems. As the war in Ukraine drags on, Russian YouTuber Daniil Orain is using his channel called 1420 to help let the world know there are still dissenting voices in the country. Do go to YouTube and watch it.

Daniil also appears in this German documentary from 10th September 2022:

From that German documentary.

Niki from St Petersburg interviewed Daniil and Artyom in Moscow two months ago.

A month later Daniil posted this:

I will be keeping a close eye on 1420 to see if we hear anything….

Good news

This post was drafted last night but soon after it appeared this morning 1420 posted again on YouTube — Artyom, but in a rural setting rather than in Moscow. The good news is an appearance by Daniil in the post.

I did a little detective work: where is Daniil?

The interviews are Artyom’s. Just before his appearance promoting VPSN there is a shot of Daniil’s surroundings:

But we don’t know when this was filmed, though in his remarks Daniil is clearly being kind to the old people we see in Artyom’s vox pop.

Update 4.00 pm my time 5th October

On YouTube Daniil posted this note, which I have just seen.

He has every right to be both tired and paranoid, and Artyom too.
From his Instagram — a now vanished post from March.

From June: Moscow police question Daniil and his helpers. Daniil mentions this in that CBC interview above.

See Another courageous young Russian vlogger and other uplifting finds recently from April — my first post about Daniil.

And I have to admit I did wonder about Daniil and Artyom…. This of course would add to the danger they are in.


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  1. “You are not scared, not because you are fearless, but because you just haven’t been scared yet.” That makes me shudder. I have no doubt that the bigger the throttling Russian forces receive, the more likely there will be rushist reprisals. Our young bloggers better be careful.

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