FotoSketcher fun

A couple of days ago I downloaded a free program I used to have on previous laptops — FotoSketcher.

This is excellent! I am learning quite a bit from it! The version I downloaded is 3.80.

Here are some of my earlier efforts. For example:

2012 — from a photo by Bruce Part on Facebook of the Albury Hotel, Darlinghurst, back in the day.

The Diggers Club, Wollongong, November 2012 — poor old pensioner watching Cricket.

Dawn — West Wollongong — January 2016

Wattle and Mount Keira from West Wollongong

Five Islands Brewery — December 2011

So I started reacquainting myself with FotoSketcher, getting the spelling wrong in this dramatic sunset from my window!

Next day I played with my accidental selfie:

More later… But let me finish today with an old favourite:

Channeling my Inner Scot….

Just a couple of internet things today — starting with this blog


Great to see — as of this morning the weather radar at the BOM is back online and working!

Now to the post

Yesterday’s post, I am happy to say, has done rather well. But behind the scenes it raised some issues about how the process works.

That is what I saw just now, and you will see how small the typeface is as viewed on my laptop. Recently it changed from a sans serif larger font, rather like the one that you see in the published version of the post. That one was better, easier to spot errors.

On Facebook yesterday I wrote about yesterday’s blog post:

Behind the scenes in the WordPress editor. The font they now offer is a bit annoying as it can’t be changed or enlarged. So given my penchant for hitting the key next to my target on the keyboard typos abound! Today’s blog post had quite a few — all I hope now fixed.

Plus afterthoughts happen and additions suggest themselves. So for an hour or so after the blog post goes out to the world — predetermined by me the day before when the post is usually wriiten — the post tends to evolve.

As Bob Walshe taught us years ago — revise, revise, revise!

That’s 25 revisions now…

Bob Walshe –Great teacher, writer, historian, editor and guru for teachers of writing.

They are furiously revising over at what I will always call BOM — the Bureau of Meteorology, an excellent institution here in Australia. But their beancounters and public service admin side has gone more than a bit crazy, in my view.

There has been an absolute saga about their recent REBRANDING.

For some reason they decided the name BOM was just not cool enough.

The Bureau of Meteorology paid an external communications consultancy almost $70,000 to rebrand it “the Bureau” with staff claiming they were treated like “naughty schoolchildren” if they slipped up and referred to it as “the BoM”.

Environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, said on Tuesday she did not “quite understand” why the Bureau commenced a rebrand to update its name and logo, saying she was not focused on those factors during the severe flooding across much of the eastern seaboard.

She is understood to have asked for advice about the cost of the move….

I have long made frequent use of their radar on the internet, watching approaching storms and so on. For example, not long ago:

Well good luck if you try to do that now — at least as at yesterday afternoon:

They have an exciting new website with a really exciting new name. Only trouble is that for the two days I tried it, it bloody does not bloody work! Beyond the flashy front page.

WOW indeed!

Things do get fixed sometimes

You may recall my moaning about Facebook a few days back.

I am pleased to report that as at yesterday everything was working again!

Slowly learning how to use the Nokia C30 camera

There is a lot to learn. The stand-alone Olympus compact digital camera I used to use was much simpler, or more like, well, a camera! For a start it had the physical controls I was used to from my days using SLR old-fashioned cameras. Did a pretty good job, but eventually it died.

The Olympus

Now on the phone this is what you do:

I need to watch that over and over. It is good….

So at the Diggers Club yesterday I had a few goes, but emailed each shot to myself so I could explore it with my old favourite free editing program, PhotoScape. I have been using it for many years and love it. I also deliberately do not use the very latest version as I prefer this one!

Here are my efforts from yesterday, each one tweaked a little with Photoscape, which of course is also how I get to write on them….

Still remembering Judith Durham, but other catch-ups too…

The catch-ups

Progress on “The Beast” — my new Nokia C30 phone. The first fruit of the camera — baby steps. Emailed it to myself so that I could edit with Photoscape on my laptop. It is the view from my window here in West Wollongong at 9.30 am on Sunday morning. Sorry about the fly-screen! That’s Mount Kembla on the left, and the bump in the centre of the pic is Mount Nebo.

Second item: Sirdan in NZ rang on 6th August — his birthday– having seen my message on this blog. He is not on social media, so I needed a call/SMS from him to restore his lost phone number.

Third item: Footy tipping for Round 21.

Fourth item: Russian vloggers. Two rather amazing posts from Roman the Russian (and Niki from St Petersburg), and from Daniil and Artyom at 1420 in Moscow. The latter it seems to me are conscious of being in some danger…. Telling us at last how their vlog works smacks of sealing their position with a sense perhaps of it not lasting.

Judith Durham 1943-2022. RIP.

She was interviewed in 2016 on that splendid ABC show One Plus One:

Technology — Part 2

So yesterday I took the plunge…

Personal note 2 August 2022 — Sirdan — your number has been lost in the change-over and you are not on social media — so please send me an SMS or phone me. Same number as ever!

My friend Colin MacDonald joined be and being rather expert in these things commenced the set-up for me. This video rather puts me in my place, but also confirms I made a good choice — as did Colin.

The August 2022 price….

Progress has been made since but I still have a way to go. At times on Facebook I vented my frustration:

On new phone and at the moment it is a bit of a nightmare! The “dumb phone” was so simple and did all I really needed…. My fat fingers hate the poxy little virtual keyboard!

LATER: It is charging at the moment while I use a REAL keyboard. now being back on a REAL computer.

Yes, I may grow to love it but I also resent that the two Telcos I use — Telstra (phone) and Vodafone (home internet) have RAILROADED me into upgrading and having to go through a whole lot of unnecessary pain….

On the other hand, the Telstra Shop here in The Gong were good, the device is pretty, and Col MacDonald was great. I shouted him lunch.

And the occasional breakthrough:

Still a long way to go with the new phone but I have accomplished one major thing. One of the reasons for getting it was that my Vodafone home WiFi is shortly cutting from its 2-stage log in the email option, which I depended on to check usage and pay my recharges. The SMS link option did not work on the dumb phone! I have just managed to get the SMS option to work on the new phone!

Which guarantees smooth home internet beyond the August deadline! That is one major objective gained!