Yes Junior HP is still working and so am I! In this post more Russian vlogs, some from Ukraine, and a couple of guides in the murk…

From Russia with love

That really applies to the wonderful Vasya in the Hay. “This channel was created to show people around the world how people live in remote villages in Russia.” I came to it because Daniil from 1420 recommended it. I guarantee you will love these two linked posts. Of the second one my friend Rosemary on FB said: “How uplifting! Man’s humanity to man.”

The story begins thus:

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No spoilers from me, but you would have to have a hard heart not to be moved…

Daniil Orain’s 1420

1420 is a magnificent vox pop vlog presided over by Daniil but involving a team of interviewers asking not so innocent questions on Russian streets.

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From Ukraine

Real Ukraine

Also a vox pop vlog..

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That Lviv Girl

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Vlad Vexler is a must!

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Professor Gerdes is always enlightening

The fact that he is quite upfront about being a conservative Republican — albeit one with impeccable critical literacy skills — actually makes his insights all the more interesting. He is no Trumpie acolyte or hack. Solid instead. And he understands the value of uncertainty. In other words, he really is intelligent. He really is a conservative, I would say, unlike most who claim that word for themselves in the USA and even on the right extremes here in Australia.

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In which soon after sunrise here in West Wollongong I contemplate the Russian and Ukrainian vlogs on 9 May

Yes, I am borrowing titling style from Loon Pond.

Dawn in West Wollongong

Götterdämmerung in Moscow through Russian and Ukrainian eyes

Anna in Ukraine

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Watch live with Zack the Russian in Tbilisi

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It is one hour and 42 minutes long…

A Ukrainian Canadian

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Konstantin — a Russian in exile

Watch on YouTube One hour and 21 minutes.

Analysis by Vlad Vexler

My go-to commentator! Born in Russia, educated at Oxford, an extraordinary lucid and balanced political philosopher in London. He battles and sometimes vlogs about a serious chronic illness. Wonderfully wise person.

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The latest vox pop from 1420 in Russia

Not directly about 9th May but very relevant. Watch on YouTube. Some of this may be depressing!

Vlog catch-up

There are so many I cannot do them all justice! I was pleased to see someone else reading them though — a person much more entitled to comment than I am! Interestingly, he is a conservative US Republican too — but clearly sane — Professor Gerdes. See Pro-Ukraine YouTubers on Putin (Vlad Vexler, Jake Broe, Anna from Ukraine, Mercado & Anders Nielsen) and this one:

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You will see 1420 gets a mention there and yesterday Daniil published four new ones!

Yes, a dangerous question.

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Less dangerous perhaps was Russians: about Australia. Naturally watched it right through! At least many knew what the capital is!

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Denis Islamov in Vladivostok

Denis opened up about how things really are for him!

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Niki Proshin now in South Korea

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“In this video me and my friend Dasha will talk about our previous life in Russia. Dasha is from Moscow, I am from the eastern part of the country, we lived, studied, and traveled in Russia for most of our lives. We both left Russia after the beginning of the full scale invasion to Ukraine, and now we don’t know in how many years it’ll be safe for us to return. We will discuss Russian cities, economic situation there and what changes should be made when Russian becomes democratic in the future.”

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Says it all, really…. And so does this:

Not a vlog but a report from our ABC

According to the UN, Russia’s military campaign to take the Ukrainian city of Mariupol cost 10,000 lives and destroyed 90 per cent of all buildings. It’s hard to imagine what life has been like for the remaining residents, but one 9-year-old boy kept his own record. ABC global affairs editor John Lyons met him in Ukraine.

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