Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 64 — the kids and the bunnies are ok!

Yes, let’s focus today on the good stuff. First, this story is one-up on all those reactionary wankers on places like Sky — Donners for example — who have been wringing their hands and beating their breasts about the parlous state of education today. Let’s look at these kids, 15, 14 and 15 respectively.

Here is the story:

And as reported on our ABC:

The brains behind a popular COVID-19 tracking website have unmasked themselves — and much to everyone’s surprise, it turns out they’re a trio of teenage boys.

The faces behind the data website, CovidBase AU, are Jack, Darcy and Wesley and they chose the day they got their Moderna vaccinations to reveal their identities.

The group said the idea for the website came about after wanting to create a place to simplify the data and present it in an easy-to-understand format.

The website has already become a big favourite of thousands of Australians. 

“Darcy’s really skilled with coding and I’m sort of really into the news …and have been really interested in the data. So we’ve decided to take what we’ve been doing and sort of create something with it,” Jack told ABC News.

And in The Guardian:

Nick Evershed, the data and interactives editor at Guardian Australia, said CovidBaseAU had done impressive work collating hard-to-find information.

“There has been a few occasions, particularly with the numbers around vaccine imports and supply, where I’ve cross-checked my numbers against theirs,” he said.

“They did a really good job at combing through all the disparate media releases and press conferences in the early stages of the rollout to piece together a good picture of how many doses Australia was producing or importing at various points, which was extremely helpful as I was compiling similar data.”

Jack, Wesley and Darcy were praised by fellow Twitter users after revealing their identities, amassing more than 16,000 likes in a 24-hour period, as well as a part-time job offer from the head of public health at the Burnet Institute.

“You three pull off some awesome work!” Ben Krauth wrote. Prof Mark Stoove added: “Nice work boys! Need a part-time job?”

How encouraging to hear and read a story like this! The kids are OK! Check it out!

The Bunnies are headed for the Grand Final!

Yes, that deserves a big heading. They have been almost there several times in recent years — 2019 for example.

Great images of Redfern and my old stomping ground there!

Last night’s game against Manly Sea Eagles:

Check my earlier posts on this topic!

Penrith Panthers beat Melbourne Storm 10-6 this afternoon, so there is the Grand Final: Bunnies vs Panthers.

Alas poor Bunnies

I could not bear to watch….

Keeping an eye on the game via the rolling summaries on ABC Sport I eventually posted my tipping outcome for the day ten minutes before the final siren.

Not a great start for tipping either… Do note the doubt I had expressed on the Tuesday I made my selections…

On Facebook my running comment was:

The Bunnies are in all sorts of trouble… At half-time 26-0 Melbourne in front! 10 minutes into the 2nd half things had not improved: 36-0! 😢🐰 With 20 minutes to go it’s 40-0! I think the doom is in…. Yep, 46-0 with 10 minutes left. With NINE minutes to go The Storm did it again! 50-0! 😢😢🐰 Cricket score time, alas! That was the final score.

All sorts of records were broken, as the ABC reports.

Melbourne star Josh Addo-Carr has made history by becoming the first player to score six tries during an elite-level Australian rugby league game in more than 70 years.

The NSW Origin winger returned the remarkable haul in a 50-0 demolition of South Sydney, putting the Rabbitohs’ NRL premiership hopes in serious doubt.

No team in history has conceded 50 points in a season and gone on to win the premiership that year.

In a miserable night for the depleted Rabbitohs, Addo-Carr ran riot on the right edge with four tries in the first half and two in the second.

Addo-Carr is the first player to score six tries in a game since Jack Troy did it for Newtown in 1950 .

The 50-point victory brought to an end Souths’ seven-game winning streak after injuries ravaged their side through the week.

Perhaps the Bunnies need to get this guy back:


Oh those Bunnies!

My footy tipping at Illawarra Leagues has not been spectacularly successful After the recently completed Round 7 I ranked 96 out of 136 tipsters. I might add that no-one tipped all the winners in Round 7! However, now we have Round 8 and I made a good start last night. So did the South Sydney Rabbitohs, aka The Bunnies, with their seventh win in a row!

Believe those tips at your own risk!

Back in 2013 The Bunnies had special help, but still did not win the Grand Final.


But they did come good the following year! I was spotted at the bus stop in Mount Keira Road at the time.


Ah, what a year that was!

Mind you, many a slip and so on this season — but it is looking good. Next Thursday they are up against the Melbourne Storm and that will prove interesting!

The background to that 2014 win and why it was significant is gone into in my 2014 post.

This is the climax of many a turbulent year since the last time the Bunnies made it – 1971. Roy Masters tells an interesting story. (I took the photo below in Cleveland Street’s “Little Lebanon” just up from The Prophet in July 2010.)

So yes, I lived in Bunnies territory for quite a while, and in the last five years to 2010 wrote a few pieces for the South Sydney Herald, even scoring a front page once!

The Paper (as we all called it) was the brainchild of the late Trevor Davies, a Labor true believer and a pillar of South Sydney Uniting Church, where I was a regular from 2005-2010. I have been back a few times, but not in recent days. There were and are some great people there.

On Facebook the other day I posted a memory I have stored on YouTube. Here is a different day from 2008 — you’ll see which one! Sorry it cuts short but I was just getting used to my camera and was not sure of its battery life!

I recall East Redfern — 4

People tend to think of Redfern as the area near the railway station, particularly “The Block”. Redfern is bigger than that. This is the last in the set to focus on East Redfern, with images 2008-2011 from my photo blog.  These images mostly come from 2009 when I has the privilege of tutoring Dr Cassy’s son in English for the HSC at her East Redfern apartment, where there was also the biggest collection of Cricket memorabilia I have ever seen. On Dr Cassy see Miscellanea again… 1.

Footbridge over the Eastern Distributor and South Dowling Street, East Redfern:

06feb 021

From the high rise — see the full set there:

jan13 005
dec23 015
dec23 014
dec23 013
jan13 006
jan06 016
jan06 013

Rabbitohs, Rusty, and Sydney Boys High again!

On Facebook I am, unsurprisingly, a member of the SBHS Old Boys’ Union Group. Last night a post on it being 25 years since the GPS Regatta was held on the Nepean at Penrith came up. I added my two cents worth: ” I am ancient enough to have seen SHS win the Head of the River — twice!” Which is true: 1957 and 1959.


1959: Bow, P W Shenstone; 2, I J Stewart; 3, I D Toll; 4, A J Skinner; 5, J A Campbell; 6, G F Cohen; 7, S R McGill; Stroke, W L Young; Cox, R G Caddy; Coach, A R Callaway, Esq

Last night too, I should add, the South Sydney Rabbitohs had a famous victory over the St George Illawarra Dragons. Yes, there is a connection — via Russell Crowe! Though born in New Zealand, Rusty did go to Sydney High as a boy. Here he is:


In that lovely 1994 movie The Sum of Us, Rusty wore a Sydney High Rugby jersey in the opening moments.

As you may have observed in that trailer. But here is a screen shot in case you missed it.

Screenshot (330)

I remember the wonderful Tony Hannon telling me about the day Rusty came back to the school to get that jersey.

Now as any  Bunnies fan knows, Russell Crowe is Rabbitohs through and through. What I didn’t know is that he tried to insert the Sydney High motto — veritate et virtute — into The Gladiator! Hat tip fellow Facebook SHS Old Boys’ member Drew Laidlaw Hoare, who wrote: “I’d heard many times the Russell Crowe ‘Veritate et Virtute’ Gladiator story, but had never seen the footage. Here’s the explanation for those interested:”

The relevant bit is in the first few minutes of that. But that is not all.  Drew went on: “There was also talk of him putting the motto on South Sydney Rabbitohs kit at one point but can’t find it. Here is a shot of him with it on the back of a jumper.”


And Rowing lives on at SBHS!