Reposting the nostalgia I felt 10 years ago is even more nostalgic now!

Just a tiny fraction of my January 2012 posts! Here is how I looked ten years ago.

At the Diggers Club

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Love this place, and even more since Baby Toshiba is here trying out the free Internet. 

And looking from my window in West Wollongong on 24 January:


Now the nostalgia post:

Oz Day Surry Hills nostalgia

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Here’s Bennett Street in 2008, part of my everyday round then. I lived there briefly in 1997.

And here in 1954:


That’s a still from the 1954 very patronising – God weren’t they in those days? – government documentary called School’s Out. You can see it in the previous post.


[Over the fold] there are some more stills, including two of Sydney Boys High as it was when I enrolled there!


Playing beside Anzac Parade


Sydney Boys High classroom


Sydney High corridor outside the current English staffroom, then the library.

If you want to see the doco where the captures come from — it is worth it!

Redfern memories — revised

Happened on Sunday on this post on YouTube.

I was immediately struck by a number of shots of George Street, where Michael and I once lived with Philip Costello and his then partner, another Michael.

See my 2008 posts Redfern Visions 10: Pitt Street and the Redfern Estate to George Street and Redfern Visions 11: George Street

redfernvisions 022
In George Street — the house we lived in. If you compare with the 1923 image you will see something is missing! Was George Street widened? I am pretty sure the one I marked there is the right house. But maybe not! I have been counting windows!

Here are some more Redfern pics from my archive. Variously 2008-2012.

redfern1409 012
1406 005

I could share so many more! Here to finish is 2021 from YouTube. Much is still familiar to me.

Post script

The still fronting that 2021 video shows a trendy coffee shop on the corner of Pitt and Redfern Streets. Back in 1990 this was a Lebanese corner shop — I bought cigarettes there on occasions. Next to it is the yellow sign of Wilsons, inner Sydney’s oldest Lebanese restaurant. Their food was good. Still is no doubt.

redfernvisions 019
2008: “When M and I were living in George Street Wilson was still around. Perhaps he still is, but that was 18 years ago…”