NZ reclaims Sirdan

In just a week’s time my friend Sirdan (and Missie the Jack Russell) moves into the new house in NZ, not far from Wellington. Our friendship goes back to the Albury Hotel in Darlinghurst — last century!

FotoSketcher - 16042_232492893548533_882882010_n

Here are a few glimpses of Sirdan:

With Missie, Rosebery 2010:

Una’s, Darlinghurst:




2011 — Surry Hills



Postponing– poning a post? Hmmm…

July is always a month of reflection — my 76th very very soon! And that always reminds me of my Uncle Neil, after whom I was named having been born so close to his birthday during World War 2. A bit later in the month comes my mother’s birthday; if she were still alive she would be 108!

And the person once known as Mr Rabbit is 37 this month too! Unbelievable.

So I was going to post some portentous stuff about the passing of time, but I will refrain…

Instead, here is a tram in Paddington when I was 16! “R1 2023 turning left into MacDonald Street from Brown Street Paddington 1959. Photographer Peter Sage picture from Lindsay Bridge flickr.”  The world of SIXTY years ago seems to me just yesterday sometimes…


Meanwhile M is still in our near north-west, last seen in Yogyakarta heading soon for Bali. His travels began 11 June! He has posted A LOT of great pictures on Facebook. I have featured a few, and here are two more. Enjoy!



Seen in July 2014

Five years ago!

Looking a bit moth-eaten, this cockatoo had a rest outside my window yesterday afternoon. The wind is ruffling its feathers.


Noticed the light as I got off the 39 bus in Mount Keira Road yesterday around 4.30 pm.


Looking more closely, observe on the left Nan Tien, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

From Illawarra Brewery, City Beach Wollongong:


As I waited in Mount Keira Road for the 11.20 am 39 bus I felt the chill…


Azaleas — West Wollongong:


What a sunset! From my window in West Wollongong: