My phone camera was busy yesterday — and FotoSketcher as well

I have a backlog of amazing Russian and Ukrainian vlog posts over the past several days, and no doubt more before I share any here. But I will. Today, however, my yesterday in pics. And I was just around home as befits an old pensioner like me.


Later a FotoSketch colour pencil go at that:

I was out there awaiting my Woolies order, having received an SMS telling me I was next in line. And sure enough:


Last of the Woolies burger patties from last week. Cheese melt, solanato tomatoes, egg, Beerenberg tomato chutney. Solanato tomatoes are great cooked — full of that flavour we all recall!

FotoSketcher play after lunch

That laptop cam selfie from the Club on Monday. Decided to try it as a watercolour.


Could not pass this up! From my window looking towards Mount Kembla. I have to anglle the phone awkwardly when I seek a shot so far south-west, so it is hard to get the escarpment level!

FotoSketcher fun

A couple of days ago I downloaded a free program I used to have on previous laptops — FotoSketcher.

This is excellent! I am learning quite a bit from it! The version I downloaded is 3.80.

Here are some of my earlier efforts. For example:

2012 — from a photo by Bruce Part on Facebook of the Albury Hotel, Darlinghurst, back in the day.

The Diggers Club, Wollongong, November 2012 — poor old pensioner watching Cricket.

Dawn — West Wollongong — January 2016

Wattle and Mount Keira from West Wollongong

Five Islands Brewery — December 2011

So I started reacquainting myself with FotoSketcher, getting the spelling wrong in this dramatic sunset from my window!

Next day I played with my accidental selfie:

More later… But let me finish today with an old favourite:

Channeling my Inner Scot….

Sunday night was a touch wild…

This is not last Sunday night but is very similar — and it is my place in West Wollongong, but 11 years ago:

This is last Sunday night which I “live blogged” on Facebook.

There had been last minute warnings just before 7 pm — and when I checked the official radar:

My window affords a good vantage point, looking west towatds the escarpment.

Fortunately it fairly quickly passed out to sea.

On the Nokia C30 and chronicling the mundane

The great thing about a blog — especially one as unsystematic as this one — is that I can do what I please really!! So if I want to post photos of cats, or my meals, I can.

I am not making a living from this after all.

So why? Well chronicling the progress and arrival of my online order from Woolworths gives me satisfaction and some of you even enjoy it too, it seems. After all, my mundane may be your exotic!

Take yesterday for example. The Woolies order was submitted on Monday and set to arrive between 6am and 9am on Tuesday. It rarely arrives at 6, more usually between 7 and 8. But not yesterday morning.

I received an SMS just as I woke up: “Your order number ****** is next in line for delivery. See you soon.”

So I up and dressed and as above looked outside, recording the event with my C30, as you do. I have only just got advanced enough to use the magnification tool, by the way. See my August post Slowly learning how to use the Nokia C30 camera. I am a slow learner and also quite clumsy with the phone. I do prefer a real camera!

“You got me out of bed!” I said to the driver as he deposited the bags at my door.

“Sorry about that,” he replied. “but I’m on a grand tour of Wollongong this morning.” Telling me where he had just been and where he was going next.

“No worries. Enjoy your tour!”

And off he went.

The order was complete but with two substitutions — which is what they do if what you order is out of stock. In this case one was a better loaf of bread than the one I had chosen, and the other a substitute for their generic Spaghetti Bolognese. Prices are kept at what you originally ordered. Usually a bargain in your favour. The spag bol sub was this:

That is 5 minutes if you microwave it, but I decided to do it the long way in the normal oven. Thirty minutes all up. This was the result, though the photo does not do it justice:

It tasted pretty darned good, actually…

And on the exotic world — well a year ago I was a virgin at this — of Woolies shopping online, see this family order. Mine costs a lot less. I do get free delivery.

Elsewhere much was happening yesterday. Much of our state was breaking flood records, such an extreme contrast to November 2019! Our Prime Minister met at last with Xi Jinping, having already met with Joe Biden. Putin was not at the G20 though there was much weirdness surrounding the smarmy Lavrov who may or may not have had a heart scare in Bali….

And at last here in West Wollongong the sun went down over Merrigong — Dharwawal Country.