I know a genuine human voice when I hear one — 2: Ukrainians

What is Ukraine?

A vlog by a Ukrainian American and frankly soft propaganda, but interesting nonetheless.


Anna is an academic in Ukraine and of course also argues for her country and its cause, but certainly qualifies as an authentic human voice. Lately some of her experiences have been difficult.

See her interviewed by Vlad Vexler, the marvellous Russian-born Oxford-educated political philosopher in London.

One more from two weeks ago:

BTW in case you still think Anna is unfair to label Putin’s Russia as a terrorist state, consider the latest news!


Even in his normally rather peaceful countryside village, Pavlo and his family are feeling the effects of that policy.

Pavlo has appeared on my blog before:


I know a genuine human voice when I hear one — 1: Russians

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Here he talks with a fellow-exile.


Now in exile in Georgia, an experience he talks about in his latest vlog post.


Yes, he is still around and now after a time in various places including The Netherlands he appears to be back in Russia. What he does is dangerous. Hence one of my most visited posts recently: Has anything happened to Daniil?

Daniil’s vlogging assistant being questioned by police in Moscow earlier this year.

More to come — including from Ukraine.

Goodbye Twitter, goodbye goodbye….

Been thinking about it. Set up a nest here:

But I hung on as there were still plenty of good tweets coming through. My use of Twitter however has always been minor. But then came the last straw:

So within minutes —

The deed done I visited and found confirmation abounding in what I saw!

And this appeared on my Mastodon feed.

And I find that if I really want I can go to Twitter to see what the good people I usually followed are up to, assuming of course they have not exited too!

One last exhibit: she had 6,984 followers on Twitter:

At the human level

A few of my posts in recent months have referred to such as W H Auden and E M Forster. Those posts are a personal rebellion against politicising everything, in defence of the human level, the unfashionably individual and personal, a resistance to ideology. So anti-Marxist of a hopelessly but enthusiastically “woke” person like me. See for examples: We must love one another or die… (September); Only connect (November).

Defenseless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.

A small example from my YouTube and Facebook explorations yesterday — young Nik (Nikita) from the Moscow region, 20 years old and determined to transcend what Russis confronts him with these days, but also aware of the danger he could face for simply posting what he really thinks, though he leaves little doubt about that, spelling it out quite clearly in his introduction to this post:

Nik is just beginning. He is not yet followed by over a million people like Roman the Russian. He has a little over 800 subscribers and that video has only had 87 views so far. I was entertained and moved by his video and chose to let him know, apart from sharing on Facebook — which he would not be able to access as my feed is restricted to friends, not to mention that Meta is a proscribed “terrorist organisation” in Russia! YouTube offers a means of encouragement.

Pleasing, that!

Another month of blogging

This is being prepared the day before you see it, as happens with most of my posts here. This snapshot of November on the blog will not change all that much, I suspect — but I have carefully dated all the stats.

NOTE — In fact by 8.30 pm today the total views reached 1,578!

Number of views in November

Better than 2021!

Where did views come from in November?

Finally — your ancient Blogger!

I was downstairs greeting the Woolies truck — the truck was what I was trying to get a pic of….

Still having odd things happening with the phone camera.