More from my photo blog of February 2011

A productive month! And I will throw in another video from my miniscule YouTube channel.

A set from Wesley Mission Uniting Church, formerly Wollongong Methodist Church, in Crown Street. The WW1 Honour Roll did make me do a double-take!


Present Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery was Minister at the time. His life story is an interesting one. I like him.

I recall East Redfern — 1

People tend to think of Redfern as the area near the railway station, particularly “The Block”. Redfern is bigger than that. This and the next three posts focus on East Redfern, with images 2008-2011 from my photo blog. But first, a map.

The walk which follows is from November 2018. It begins at the Surry Hills and Redfern border (Cleveland Street) and goes south down Bourke Street to the new development in the former industrial area around Philip Street. The walker actually goes quite close to Michael’s place — he is a block further east.

Now 2008 photos I took in Bourke Street:

dec23 002

NSW Taoist Centre, Evergreen Taoist Church and old people’s home in Bourke Street East Redfern. This was formerly the NSW Police Academy. It still houses the NSW Mounted Police:

dec23 001
dec27 001

A coffee shop that was well frequented c.2005 by Sydney High staff. I noted in the video a Sydney High student probably on his way home from school, by the way.

dec23 004

Corner store:

dec23 005
dec16 001
dec16 006
06feb 017