Revisiting my August 2012 blog

Feel free to do so!

Some more pics…

Meanwhile The Bates Motel woke this morning (29 August 2012) to the smell of burning gum trees. Hazard reduction somewhere, no doubt, combined with lack of wind.

That coral tree was chopped down not long after….

Saturday I called in at TIGS

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There was an art exhibition there featuring HSC work in arts and craft subjects. Took a few photos of  the grounds and neighbourhood.

TIGS grounds

That last one is a good indication of the kind of forest that was here…

Spring is coming–and resisting an urge to pontificate…

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But when Tony Abbott says something as silly as this it is hard to resist.

THE Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has gone into damage control after telling an education forum that the high level of public funding public schools receive is an injustice.

Addressing a meeting of the Independent Schools Council of Australia yesterday, Mr Abbott stressed the Coalition’s opposition to the Gonski review’s recommendation to overhaul school funding.

”Overall, the 66 per cent of Australian school students who attend public schools get 79 per cent of government funding,” he said. ”The 34 per cent of Australians who attend independent schools get just 21 per cent of government funding.

”So there is no question of injustice to public schools here. If anything, the injustice is the other way.”…

Given that the supposition that government should give anything at all to private schools escaped the notice of all Australian governments between the 1880s and 1960s… How a bit of industrial thuggery by some nuns in Goulburn led to a change of attitude is recalled by Gerard Henderson today. Whatever, we have been accepting of helping out those who choose not to be part of what their taxes provide for decades now and that won’t change. But that in no way makes Abbott’s equation in any way sensible. In fact, wouldn’t “equal” dibs all round actually load the scales in favour of private schools with their additional sources of income?

And then I could talk about Julian Assange, but I’ll let Peter Hartcher have the floor on that. He’s quite right. Finally, this is well worth a look: The sham “terrorism expert” industry.

Now to nicer things from or near The Bates Motel.

Meanwhile in the present:

I will be exploring more from down memory lane later, but here and now you may recall I am breaking in my new Nokia C30 smart phone — or it is breaking me in! Catching up on phone numbers lost in the transition from the dumb phone — Sirdan’s among them. (Happy Birthday!)

Yesterday I visited the Telstra Shop and the nice patient young man there sorted out the major problem O had viewing the My Telstra page, given that way back c.2005 when I set it up I gave it an email address — which of course no longer exists. “Optus bought out Unwired and shut down the Unwired network at midnight on 28 February 2013.”

Whenever I tried to access My Telstra it sent a confirmation code to Unwired! That is, to vanish into cyberspace….

The nice young man fixed that, so now at last I can see exactly how much I have left on my phone! 10 gig of data, it happens to be!

Then I went to City Diggers where I took a selfie — using my laptop, as I am not yet Beast Photo Competent. Working on that. Oh yes, on FB I have taken to calling the smart phone “The Beast”!

More on the Beast. It has now updated itself completely!

And the club was good today. Adam came in but not Col. Alan from Mangerton came in and I helped him set up his Woolies ordering. Jill, the widow of one of my TIGS students from 1974, came in as well and we had a chat. Croatian Philip was there.

And lunch was very nice — a spaghetti boscaiola.