Mine is a 21st century commonplace book, no more and no less. No other purpose. Just a voice, a collection, a series of letters to whom they may concern. What more do you want? I have started a new blog because I want to recapture that simple purpose.

See Welcome. I will be trying to avoid the farce we call the 2013 election.

And for what I have done before see All my available posts 2000 to the present.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Neil,
    I have found your excellent blog whilst searching for details of the Billy Graham crusade in sydney 1959. i am writing my ‘life story’ for similar reasons to yours in creating your blog and I would like to use some of the photos I found in it – specifically your school room and several shots of ‘toast rack’ trams that I am very familiar with. Will this be OK? My story will eventually find its place on a web site I have under construction and to be opened hopefully this year.

    for ref., I am 76, went to Katoomba High and Syd Uni (engineering) and experienced Billy Graham, an experience that I have now got over.

    Howard Harrison

    • None of the images I used in that post belongs to me; all were found on the internet. Usually I give some indication of the original source. Point is, you don’t need my permission to use them. Glad you found what I did resonated with you and I look forward to your post.

  2. Thank you for your post on the Whitfield family. I am a direst descendant of Caroline Philidelphia Whitfield ( Tickle/ Randall) My father knew Granny Randall as she lived with his family until her death. I recently returned from a trip to Ireland and actually passed through the town of Ballyhagen. On my return home my aunt told me that Granny Randall’s father was born in Ireland. That led me to a Google search for William and his father Jacob. I love the stories posted about their lives and what they experienced. It makes them real to me, and what character traits have been passed down to me and those I love. Thank you again.

  3. Hi Neil. We just read your fascinating post about Alexandra Rd. We now live in your old house. (That’s our old blue Corolla parked in front of it in your photo). You are welcome to drop by for a cuppa if you would like to see the old place. best Joyce & Conrad

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