Mine is a 21st century commonplace book, no more and no less. No other purpose. Just a voice, a collection, a series of letters to whom they may concern. What more do you want? I have started a new blog because I want to recapture that simple purpose.

See Welcome. I will be trying to avoid the farce we call the 2013 election.

And for what I have done before see All my available posts 2000 to the present.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Neil,
    I have found your excellent blog whilst searching for details of the Billy Graham crusade in sydney 1959. i am writing my ‘life story’ for similar reasons to yours in creating your blog and I would like to use some of the photos I found in it – specifically your school room and several shots of ‘toast rack’ trams that I am very familiar with. Will this be OK? My story will eventually find its place on a web site I have under construction and to be opened hopefully this year.

    for ref., I am 76, went to Katoomba High and Syd Uni (engineering) and experienced Billy Graham, an experience that I have now got over.

    Howard Harrison

    • None of the images I used in that post belongs to me; all were found on the internet. Usually I give some indication of the original source. Point is, you don’t need my permission to use them. Glad you found what I did resonated with you and I look forward to your post.

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