My October 2008 photo blog — nostalgia now!

See it’s original home. Here are some faves:

wed15 018

Hay Street, Chinatown

sun19 005

Sirdan in the fondly remembered Chinese Whispers, Crown Street Surry Hills

tue21 006

Down in the Surry Hills “lowlands” around the area of Elizabeth, Albion and Campbell Streets

thu23 011

Sydney Boys High, Moore Park

sat25 013

Ward Park, Surry Hills

mon27 011

East Redfern


Avoiding comment on Greta, President Bonespur, Scomo or Boris…

Well, what can I possibly add?

So slightly early I present some photos I took ten years ago next month.

An Elizabeth Street memory:

contrast 001

In Devonshire Street:


Lane in Surry Hills near Taylor Square:


East Redfern — jacaranda:


Spring in Haymarket: Joy!


Aunty Beryl


Hour-long phone call takes me back to Chippendale 1985

And much more!

Received on Facebook last Wednesday:


That was my address — along with several other people — from the latter half of 1985 through to early 1987: Buckland Street, Chippendale, not far from the University of Sydney and perhaps more to the point back then, the Britannia Hotel. It was at the Britannia Hotel (Beaus as it was then) that I met Philip and Dean. Can’t recall the place being called “The Old Bicycle Factory” back then, though it may have been. The photo above was taken by and sent by Philip, a bit of a surprise as Philip now lives in New York. (Dean — aka Charles — lives now in Timor Leste.) You may read an old post about Philip and Dean here.  Observe, Philip on the left, Dean on the right c. 1985/6:


Clearly Philip and his partner Tim are visiting Sydney. Philip requested my phone number via Facebook, which led to the one hour conversation of the post title. Which remains private, except to say that Philip has done, is doing, remarkably well.

As is Dean, apparently. Dean is also a Facebook friend and we have thus touched base from time to time.

Oh, the name “Trump” did crop up in my conversation with Philip — same page, same page!

M and I shared in late 1990 through early 1991 a house in George Street Redfern too with Philip and another Michael.

redfernvisions 022

Philip had a nostalgic day last Wednesday, it appears. Here is his photo of the revived Britannia as of 2019:


When I first met them Philip was turning 21 and Dean was 19. I was not then a septuagenarian, which is just as well as that would make me well and truly a centenarian today!

And speaking of centuries — how about Steve Smith at that fourth test at Old Trafford! Last night, having just watched the somewhat wounded Bunnies get over the Roosters, I switched channels just in time to see that first century. The second one happened while I was sleeping.

Seen ten years ago: from my photoblog 9/09

From my archives.

East Redfern: M’s orchid


Bennett Street Surry Hills — I lived there part of 1987-8.


A conversation of fire trucks, Belvoir Street:


It’s spring in Surry Hills:


Redfern Street graffito:

redfern1409 005

23 September: Dust storm hits Surry Hills:

See The Sydney Morning Herald. I have never seen anything like it here in my lifetime. And that’s 66 years…

dust 003

dust 002