And my footy tipping went well…

Yes, only one wrong and I got the margin score correct! So well placed so far…

I also predicted the NSW Election correctly. I honestly don’t mind Gladys. Here in The Gong Labor won hands down: 70+% two-party preferred. And in first choices look who no-one supported!

Screenshot (240)

Tonight’s must-watch: Waleed Aly interviewing Jacinda Ardern on The Project, Channel 10/WIN.

Screenshot (241)

Waleed’s interview/confrontation with Scott Morrison was broadcast ad-free in prime time last Thursday night — most unusual.  And unusual it was! Scott Morrison scored some, but also, I think, showed his critical weaknesses. I propose to watch it all again and may then comment further, but meanwhile I commend young Michael Koziol’s analysis. (He is I gather a twenty-something.)

Sincerity can be a real struggle for Morrison, partly because of his marketing background, and partly because of his own choices as Prime Minister that have sacrificed substance for political expediency (moving the embassy to Jerusalem, anyone?). So if he faces a credibility gap on this issue, perhaps he only has himself – and his party – to blame….


Bunnies, keep your pants on!

Great one-point win on Saturday over the St George-Illawarra Dragons, in which this man was bloody marvellous. Next week a chance to get into the Grand Final!


The previous 48 hours, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph, were dominated by other matters. So much more important than natural disasters in South-East Asia or the Carolinas, or evn then the war in Yemen or the latest from Syria. But I digress.


Rather taken with the approach by today’s Sydney Morning Herald though.

The high-profile Souths player at the centre of the sexting scandal is unlikely to be stood down before the preliminary final against the Roosters amid claims the lewd video chat was consensual.

While other media outlets have chosen to name the player, Fairfax Media has decided not to following legal advice….

In a bizarre twist, the woman involved in the sexting scandal has identified herself as a Roosters fan who hails from Sydney’s eastern suburbs. There is no suggestion she is trying to sabotage Souths’ run at the premiership.

She is presently holidaying in Johannesburg, South Africa, but investigators hope to interview her via a telephone hook-up in coming days to get her version of events.

The NRL, which was first made aware on Thursday of the woman’s allegations, says it is too premature and the facts too blurred to decide if the Souths player should be stood down.

Is this harassment? Gross indecency? A honey trap from a scorned admirer? A legal issue or a moral one? It remains murky at best….

NRL Finals coming up

My tipping has come to an end, neither spectacularly good nor spectacularly bad. I came 5th in the City Diggers tipping competition.


Here’s what happens now.

Friday, September 7

Qualifying final: Melbourne (2) v South Sydney (3) at AAMI Park, 7.40pm

Saturday, September 8

Elimination final: Penrith (5) v Warriors (8) at ANZ Stadium, 5.30pm

Qualifying final: Sydney Roosters (1) v Cronulla (4) at Allianz Stadium, 7.40pm

Sunday, September 9

Elimination final: Brisbane (6) v St George Illawarra (7) at Suncorp Stadium, 4pm

Week two semi-finals

Loser of Roosters-Sharks v winner of Panthers-Warriors

Loser of Storm-Rabbitohs v winner of Broncos-Dragons

Tipping and reading

Lately I have done OK at footy tipping at City Diggers, coming equal third, but not so well at Steelers, though last time I looked I was still in the top six there. I do have an occasional bet each way — no money actually changes hands, I should add — by choosing an opposing team at Steelers compared with Diggers. Last week my two each-way bets at Steelers both lost! One of them being St George/Illawarra — i.e., Steelers themselves.

So far this week there has been one match. I got it wrong. So, I suspect, did just about everyone else! Here I am as of Wednesday at Steelers, cogitating on my choices.


Not that I mention it as often as I once did, but I still do a lot of reading. This is the current batch from Wollongong Library. I have now read then all. I will note what I thought of them in later posts. There were some expected — and unexpected — treasures in that lot!


Day 3 Commonwealth Games 2018

I’m really enjoying the Commonwealth Games. I could rant about the Revenant of Oz’s outburst about the Opening Ceremony being “disgusting” and “too Indigenous” — but why would I bother? I did think it was too long, and the music didn’t exactly turn me on — but that Indigenous Smoking Ceremony was just brilliant! A side note though: The Revenant apparently thinks she is Indigenous herself — rather like the Cane Toad, the fox or the rabbit. I get so bored by (never OF!!!) that silly and not uncommon claim, sometimes made by people not nearly as objectionable as The Revenant. But let’s leave her in her box, eh! And Alan Jones in his! (Related: Family history and mystery–the Indigenous connection.)


That Smoking Ceremony: magnificent!

My mind went back to 1970 and the thrill we Whitfields felt as we followed events in Edinburgh.


Beverley Joy Whitfield (15 June 1954 – 20 August 1996)

Three gold medals in swimming at Edinburgh! 100m and 200m breaststroke and 4X100m medley relay. Much excitement in Dapto and Shellharbour at the time!  (My family and I were in July 1970 living in Dapto,)

One thing I love about the current Commonwealth Games is the way the “para” events have been integrated into the main competition. A brilliant idea which is working very well indeed.

Related (from 2014): Channel 10, the Commonwealth Games, and Ian Thorpe.