Footy tipping, windy Wollongong, music and reading, a treasure and Sunday lunch

Footy Tipping

It was looking bad yesterday afternoon but things turned around!

In fact in the Pottsville Tipping Comp, Rosemary tells me, I came in #1!

So I now pluck up courage and ignorance to have a go at Round 13. This time I will share what the Kiwi Expert said AFTER the round is over. Not even looking at this stage.

Windy Wollongong

The day dawned windy and coolish and stayed that way yesterday.

Music and reading

On Facebook in the morning I noted:

I am reading Siya Turabi’s The Last Beekeeper — yes a real book — and I am getting it now. The magic realism takes a while to tune into. Learning much about Pakistan beyond the stereotypes. Using my TV in radio mode I am listening to Bizet on ABC Classic. Outside the wind howls. My hoodie could do with a wash but it is warm.

Access the first three chapters here!

And here is what I was listening to at the time I took that selfie. Watch on YouTube or in the embed below.

I stayed on ABC Classic pretty much for the rest of the day, noting at 3 pm:

Still listening to ABC Classic — a wonderful concert from Hamer Hall at the moment combining the Australian Chamber Orchestra with the British-based Will Gregory Moog Ensemble to perform iconic works for synthesizers and acoustic ensemble including some arranged by Wendy Carlos.

Who? Switched-On Bach was the debut album by American composer Wendy Carlos, originally released under her birth name Walter Carlos in October 1968 by Columbia Records. Classic Live: ACO’s A Clockwork Orange and Beyond.


Franz Waxman: Sinfonietta: I. Lento – Allegro

Vangelis: Blade Runner: Main Title

Wendy Carlos: Tron: Scherzo & Main Theme

Johann Sebastian Bach/Wendy Carlos: ‘Switched on Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048: II. Adagio; III. Allegro

Hans Zimmer: Interstellar: Cornfield Chase

Delia Derbyshire: Blue Veils and Golden Sands

Ron Grainger/Delia Derbyshire: Doctor Who: Theme

Olivier Messiaen: Oraison

Vangelis: Chariots of Fire: Main Titles

John Williams: Images: Reflections & Blood Moon

Johann Sebastian Bach/Wendy Carlos: Switched On Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C minor, BWV 847

Johann Sebastian Bach/Eduard Artemyev: Solaris: Chorale Prelude “Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ”, BWV 639

Henry Purcell/Gioachino Rossini/Ludwig van Beethoven/Wendy Carlos: A realisation of selections from “A Clockwork Orange”

Watch on YouTube

A treasure and Sunday lunch

That beauty is from the internet. I found it while searching for information about the makers. It is a Duchess “Laburnum” English Bone China Duo Cup and Saucer 1960’s. One eBay price is AU $43.37. Several of them are right here at my place in West Wollongong, along with half a dozen matching cake plates. They were my mother’s. I think they may have been a gift and I think I know from whom, but am not sure about that. I only know my mother treasured them, and some other things, and I took possession of them only after she had moved from Glebe Point Road to the nursing home in Annandale. Then in 1996 she passed away.

I brought them to Wollongong with me in 2010.

I rarely use them. I did yesterday.

Springtime Oolong leaf tea with ginger, that cup and saucer — I have 3 sets and more plates from my mother — plus Woolies fresh chilled chicken Singapore noodles. Tea and taste go well together.

Afternoon light West Wollongong

But look at an hour later!

Heads up in case I vanish for a while — and footy tipping

My laptop was showing ominous signs yesterday morning — display flashing like crazy. Junior HP is after all six years old — the longest a computer has lasted for me!

See Took delivery of Junior HP; Como nostalgia and First post on Junior HP.

Well, here we are back in West Wollongong, with a fair bit of setting up still to go. Next to see what I can save from backups on various storage devices.


 Baby HP: RIP

Lunar New Year and HP Junior

Posted on  by Neil

On his Facebook page M has posted this lovely pic, which may stand as New Year greeting. (It’s also M’s birthday.)


And today I paid for JUNIOR HP! Thanks to those WHS friends for their kindness.



I don’t take delivery until Wednesday, so I have set myself some homework.

On Facebook I said

Ominous signs this laptop is dying…. At 6 years old.

And from City Diggers later:

Got my Woolies order in. Sent a copy of all my passwords to my phone in case of my being right about Junior HP! Checked JB HiFi and I can easily afford a new HP Junior! Such a bummer setting one up and transferring stuff though.

Footy tipping

Thus went Round 11:

Will Round 12 be any better?

Based on pure instinct as usual. The much more methodical Kiwi Expert:

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Weather, Woolies ordering, footy tipping — and inspiration


About last night.

On Facebook I wrote:

Sometimes when heavy rain is about the signal from usually the ABC TV transmission stops. Just happened killing off Midsomer Murders Season 23 Ep 4!

The residents in the village of Elverton-Cum-Latterly are about to start their rehearsals for a charity drag queen extravaganza, when Lois Springfield is found murdered. And after receiving a warning on message, Malik Payne is almost run over by a car, and it now seems that someone is not very happy about the charity drag queen extravaganza. At the end of the show, Evelyn Hardy is found murdered and the terminal ill Rocco Templeton collapses at the village green. The truth comes out and it soon transpires that someone wants to start a whole new life, at a new place. A well kept secret has been held concealed, and somebody’s life has been changed forever.

That radar shows the villain cutting off my ABC. Will try again after posting this!

9.23 — ABC and SBS both out. Streaming on the laptop works.

Such a silly Midsomer Murders too! Today the rain has gone, ABC TV is back, but the wind and cold remain.

Woolies ordering

Done. Set to arrive 7am-10am tomorrow.

Footy tipping

As you saw not even the Coronation interfered with the serious business of Round 10 in Brisbane — the Magic Round where all the teams play at one venue. My take, and Rosemary from the Pottsville tipping competition in which I am enrolled tells me I am the only one to have picked the Tigers — so I get some bonus points. Just as well considering what happened next day.

After which the team standings are:

My bold and marvellously uninformed predictions now:

The Kiwi Expert now — and I have not watched this yet:

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Last round he suffered the same fate as me on Sunday!

Total change of pace follows.


From a Buddhist Temple in South Africa.

The Illawarra is home to the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

Watch on YouTube