Wollongong’s Lycra Apocalypse over — and an Olympics memory

I stubbornly stayed at home here in West Wollongong — mind you, some residents of our area had little choice in that matter what with street closures and so on, especially in our northern suburbs. But nonetheless the UCI World Championships did prove a success.

Facebook brought up the Sydney Olympics on 25th September 2000!

Go to YouTube….

Indeed — my diary says:

Monday, September 25 2000 [Surry Hills]

What a pain the new tax system is; I have spent the morning doing fiddly little invoices for bits of money that I get from tuition and renting my garage…

What a night in Track and Field! Cathy Freeman’s race was as heart-stopping as Ian Thorpe’s great performances earlier in the games.

It’s ironic, and sad, that when I went downstairs a few minutes after the Women’s 5000 Metres the first thing I saw was one of our local petty thieves going from parked car to parked car with a torch, looking in to see what might be stolen. She, for it was a she, and her boyfriend were about 15 maybe–they come as young as 10–and seem to be part of a regular business; you often see them at it. And I’m afraid to say–they are inevitably Aboriginal. Here in Surry Hills anyway.

So there was a bit of a contrast. Anyone who knows me (or even knows this site) knows I’m 100% for reconciliation, and furthest from my mind is to say that Aboriginal people are more likely to be thieves than any other people under circumstances I can only guess about. At the same time it’s fair to say that right here in Surry Hills (and nearby areas) there are services for and run by Aboriginal people, heaps of them: it is tragic to see the crime (and drunkenness/drugs) cycle still sucking young ones in. And it is a feature of life for us inner-city residents, and a hazard for shop-owners.

I (part-Aboriginal myself remember) don’t have a panacea for this; but the Cathy Freemans of this world can’t but do good. And my delightful friend Kristina, and others I’ve met. And the phenomenon probably has more with being an underclass, rather than Aboriginality as such.

This mornng Facebook dredged up another memory:

Which they won!

Not this year I’m afraid.

But back to yesterday’s great road race — Chilby Photography has posted a wonderful photo-set on Facebook:

Yesterday: reflecting on the Lycra Apocalypse and the return of fish and chips to City Diggers

It really is quite something I have to admit — and it officially kicks off tomorrow. I guess we have to admit the Lycra Apocalypse is pretty amazing — after all there are three really major world cycling events the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and this.

So yesterday I ventured into town.

Now about City Diggers — my club of choice — and fish and chips, and the serious business of Australia’s relations with the People’s Republic of China. A couple of years ago relations between City Diggers and the people of China were close as busloads of happy Chinese descended on the club to partake in one of its great dishes –fish and chips.

Me witnessing Chinese tourists getting stuck into our fish and chips….

But then came COVID and the strained relations between Australia and China, made worse by a take-over of the club by Wollongong Golf Club rendering fish and chips a sorry memory. Many of us took to Steelers or the Leagues Club to get our fix — but I suspect Xi Jinping heard of the great banishing of fish and chips from Diggers and took it to heart. Well, I hope someone in China sees this and lets him know: fish and chips are back!

Inflation (or a more realistic understanding of profit and loss) have led to the $12 + free drink offer not returning, but I hope our Chinese friends will not be deterred by that. I tested just one of the possibilities yesterday.

Mind you for true authenticity that paper should be a page from the Illawarra Mercury — but I think newspaper does not pass health regulations these days.

Yes I look forward to more from this new menu in the future, and also trust that many a visitor for the Lycra Apocalypse comes in as well. I am sure the Club hopes so.

So after that meal, a few glasses of Shiraz, and several chats — especially with Adam — I headed off home. Moving around town may be rather interesting next week….

Now that lighter post — footy tipping climax and my lunches and such….

Yes it is the last round of the NRL before the Finals season, so the last for footy tipping. I have not yet watched the guru — I will after posting — but I did do rather better than he did last round! OK, last round:

And Round 25:

The guru:

Lunches — Diggers and home

My friend Chris Turner on Facebook (and in The Gong) has been less than complimentary about my cuisine lately. But then he is a chef!

On Monday I went to Diggers as I had to go to the pharmacy to renew some medication.

Lots of mushroom and bacon….

Col MacDonald was also at the club — as indeed were quite a few including some I had not seen in quite a while. Yes, Col really did do Wordle. He is now an addict….

My lunch yesterday was at home — and I responded to my nephew Warren who commented: “Hope the chicken and vegetable soup is home made and not that horrible canned stuff.” To which I replied: “It is a fresh chilled one from Woolies and no unless I want to eat chicken soup for a week there is no point in making my own.” And yes I am not above canned soups! Very convenient — and nutritionally perfectly good in fact! Not of course usually as tasty as a home-made one….

But I have to temper ideal with practical and do-able in my circumstances as a pensioner living alone, so my emphasis is on getting a nutritional balance rather than cordon bleu…. Within budget.

Mind you I really love watching such shows as this!

And after Diggers on Monday there was a threat of rain as I caught the 439 back to West Wollongong:

You can see the bus heading up the hill….

And last night — sorry about the insect screen though it does add texture — I watched the last of the sun as night came to West Wollongong — looking through my window at Merrigong — the Illawarra Escarpment in Dharawal language. Mount Kembla to the left. And yes, the moon….

Second-last NRL round, Woolies, and lunches…

So here we go for the second-last time with my very distant entry via Rosemary in the Pottsville Tipping Comp!

This guru with the wonderful accent actually had the same outcome last week as I did — 6/8. I did not look at the Round 24 video until after doing my own tips. So same or different?

Good! Lots of disagreements! For the life of me I can’t see that what happened in 2015 or whenever has any bearing at all on 2022!

So yesterday I received a Woolies order I had made online on Monday. I am still nursing that hand, so stayed at home Monday instead of going to the club. Col MacDonald phoned me around 11am to see where I was, which was nice. Of course that meant lunch at home and supplies needed. Monday’s lunch was a Woolies chilled pea and ham soup. The Woolies chilled soups are very good.

So the order I made on Monday I had booked to be delivered between 7am and noon on Tuesday, It arrived at my door at 7.15am!

Lunch yesterday included one of the items in that order: a Garlo’s chilled beef sausage roll. “Finely minced beef, freshly diced onion and Garlo’s special blend of spices wrapped in a mouth-watering, flaky pastry roll.” I have always found Garlo’s products good.

After lunch there was a sudden change in the weather here in West Wollongong.

Footy tipping Round 23 and other matters

Yes, a reasonable result for me in a round where there were some amazing results!

And the hand struggles on. This is an item Dr Bing (a relative of Dr Google) throws up.

Our hands are practically always in use. And, when they are not, we still need to know that they are healthy and working! When you experience a sprain, strain, fracture, or torn tendon in the hand, it can make daily tasks difficult, painful, and nearly impossible to perform.

So lunch yesterday involved minimum prep.

A Woolies chilled chicken dinner — just microwave and eat. I have certainly had worse.

Nice day outside yesterday, though I did not venture far and propose a quiet one today as well.

The view south from a couple of doors down from my place…

Tomorrow I plan to catch up on some of the Ukraine vlogs I follow, less with an emphasis on the politics and more on how people live….