Tipping and reading

Lately I have done OK at footy tipping at City Diggers, coming equal third, but not so well at Steelers, though last time I looked I was still in the top six there. I do have an occasional bet each way — no money actually changes hands, I should add — by choosing an opposing team at Steelers compared with Diggers. Last week my two each-way bets at Steelers both lost! One of them being St George/Illawarra — i.e., Steelers themselves.

So far this week there has been one match. I got it wrong. So, I suspect, did just about everyone else! Here I am as of Wednesday at Steelers, cogitating on my choices.


Not that I mention it as often as I once did, but I still do a lot of reading. This is the current batch from Wollongong Library. I have now read then all. I will note what I thought of them in later posts. There were some expected — and unexpected — treasures in that lot!



Day 3 Commonwealth Games 2018

I’m really enjoying the Commonwealth Games. I could rant about the Revenant of Oz’s outburst about the Opening Ceremony being “disgusting” and “too Indigenous” — but why would I bother? I did think it was too long, and the music didn’t exactly turn me on — but that Indigenous Smoking Ceremony was just brilliant! A side note though: The Revenant apparently thinks she is Indigenous herself — rather like the Cane Toad, the fox or the rabbit. I get so bored by (never OF!!!) that silly and not uncommon claim, sometimes made by people not nearly as objectionable as The Revenant. But let’s leave her in her box, eh! And Alan Jones in his! (Related: Family history and mystery–the Indigenous connection.)


That Smoking Ceremony: magnificent!

My mind went back to 1970 and the thrill we Whitfields felt as we followed events in Edinburgh.


Beverley Joy Whitfield (15 June 1954 – 20 August 1996)

Three gold medals in swimming at Edinburgh! 100m and 200m breaststroke and 4X100m medley relay. Much excitement in Dapto and Shellharbour at the time!  (My family and I were in July 1970 living in Dapto,)

One thing I love about the current Commonwealth Games is the way the “para” events have been integrated into the main competition. A brilliant idea which is working very well indeed.

Related (from 2014): Channel 10, the Commonwealth Games, and Ian Thorpe.

Tipping time coming up

You may review my earlier triumphs and tragedies here. An example:

Tipping — off!

This round of the NRL began promisingly as far as my entry in the City Diggers Tipping Competition went. But then came Saturday! Now for your information I chose:

Thursday: Roosters — yes!

Friday: Storm — yes! And then the rot set in as I chose Broncos, but how close was that!

Saturday: Alas! Titans, Sea Eagles (shame on me, I know!), Raiders…

Today: Tigers, Dragons. Surely I must at least equal last week’s dismal three correct?

Update: Well, it did get worse!  Panthers are celebrating a 36-2 thumping of the Tigers; Dragons 16 – 34 Eels. Woe is me!

Meanwhile, there was another competition in Western Australia, and I got that one right, as did just about everyone else.

This year it appears that City Diggers is not having a tipping comp [NOT SO!**], so I am moving my legendary skills down Burelli Street to Steelers. I am told there is a good cash prize there — and a prize for coming last! Mind you, failing to tip any winners is next to impossible!

For reference purposes: 2018 NRL Draw. The season starts on Thursday:


Thursday, March 8 Dragons v Broncos, UOW Jubilee Stadium, 7.50pm (AEDT)

Friday, March 9 Knights v Sea Eagles, McDonald Jones Stadium, 6pm (AEDT)

Cowboys v Sharks, 1300SMILES Stadium, 7.50pm (AEDT)

Saturday, March 10 Wests Tigers v Roosters, ANZ Stadium, 4pm (AEDT)

Rabbitohs v Warriors, Perth Stadium, 7pm (AEDT)

Bulldogs v Storm, Perth Stadium, 9pm (AEDT)

Sunday, March 11 Panthers v Eels, Panthers Stadium, 4.10pm (AEDT)

Titans v Raiders, CBus Super Stadium, 6.30pm (AEDT)



Come March and the signs have now gone up. Diggers is having a tipping comp after all! Be interesting to see what the participation rate is. I’ll do both Diggers and Steelers.

Yum Yum again

It has been such a long time since I have been, partly due to weather, partly to saving money! But this morning I visited my old haunt, wearing my Rabbitohs cap. Was consoled by the owner about last night. Tipping this round has not begun well.

Meanwhile, see The Yum Yum Cafe (January 2016):

There this morning, as I so often am. Here are some photoblog posts over the years.

Yum Yum Cafe

Posted on January 21, 2013 by Neil

… my usual morning haunt, but not today, as it happens, as I had a blood test and no coffee until after that – and then at Diggers as I also went to the Library, once it opened.  But last week…


… the morning after the big heat.

City Daily Photo Theme for May: Bakeries

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Neil

No prize for guessing I choose the Yum Yum Cafe in West Wollongong.



Will my tipping be any better in Round 3?

After last week’s dismal performance — mind you, I was not alone.

It’s fair to say there were plenty of surprises in the NRL last weekend, with teams who impressed in Round 1 slumping to heavy defeats. It’s made predicting the way games will fall a bit of a nightmare, but The Roar‘s NRL expert tipping has the lowdown for Round 3.

Last week was a tough week for everyone, with Mary and Greg tying on five, the crowd picking up four, and the less said about the performance from Tim and myself, the better…

So what am I tipping?

  • Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos: Storm YES!
  • Canterbury Bulldogs vs New Zealand Warriors: Warriors NO!
  • Gold Coast Titans vs Parramatta Eels: Eels by 10 NO!
  • Newcastle Knights vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: Rabbitohs YES!!
  • Penrith Panthers vs Sydney Roosters: Panthers NO! by 2 points!
  • North Queensland Cowboys vs Manly Sea Eagles: Cowboys NO! Cowboys done like a dinner…
  • Canberra Raiders vs Wests Tigers: Raiders YES!!!
  • Cronulla Sharks vs St George Illawarra Dragons: Sharks — NO! Alas!

Given my recent form…

So, after all that just one pick better than last round!