Photos from May 2013-15

The photoblog came to an end in February 2013. From then on photos appeared here, with fewer since my camera died about twelve months back. But here are some:



Illawarra Brewery, May 2013


From my window West Wollongong, May 2014



Sutherland, May 2014



Surry Hills, May 2014


Protest rally in Church Street, May 2015


Beatson Park, West Wollongong


Yesterdays — 1944 and March 2017

I mentioned on Facebook that I managed to speak on the phone to my brother Ian in Devonport Hospital. A nurse took the call and then passed the phone to Ian. Given the circumstances I didn’t talk long, the real object being to let him know I was aware of what has been happening and was thinking of him. He thanked me.

What I didn’t say on Facebook is that his son in Lightning Ridge and his daughter in Engadine had both told me to try to speak to him — he doesn’t always answer the phone — as it may possibly be the last chance to do so. If a new course of antibiotics started yesterday is effective, that may change. If not…

I was at times teary yesterday, but fortunately not when speaking to Ian.

I further posted on Facebook:

Document: 14390 Cpl. Whitfield J. N.
Group 833

My Darling Wife

I came to work this morning thinking it was just another day, another hot steaming day, after a terrific thunderstorm last night. About nine o’clock a chap came in with some demands that had to be attended to and on dating them the realisation struck me, this was no ordinary day to me, but a very special one, the anniversary of the day when I made my very bestest pal in all the world mine for keeps, for worse or better. You notice I put the “worse” first, because I am sure many, many happy days lie ahead for us. Yes, we have had more than our share of worries & I have at times very selfishly added to them, sometimes quite unintentionally, because there really wasn’t any need for you to worry at all. I’m a bit of a tease really… Anyway dearest one I will try to do as you wish me to in everything. I have caused you enough heartaches. I can’t always help this of course, but I fully intend to try and make up for any short comings I may have. I can never repay the debt I owe you for giving me three such lovely children. I love them very dearly, and am exceedingly proud of their nice appearance & manner… .…/about-the-whitfields-2/


Back row: Aunt Ruth, my mother Jean, Uncle Neil (on leave from the RAAF), Aunt Beth

Front row: me, my sister Jeanette, my brother Ian

Probably 1944. Creased because my father carried it with him in Port Moresby 1945.

What I saw in December 2011

Photoblog recycle from Neil’s Wollongong & Sydney Monthly Archives

À la recherche du temps perdu — 5

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Neil


Looking from Auburn Street Sutherland towards the Royal National Park. Just this angle hasn’t changed all that much since 1944. But…


This one’s ancestors would have been here then…


White cockatoo in Auburn Street, 28 November.

À la recherche du temps perdu — 11 — Sutherland shops — 3

Posted on December 8, 2011 by Neil


This one is rather special as back in the early 1960s my mother’s shop was here. The Cotton Shop, it was called, and moved here from Jannali around 1961. It did well too but was the victim of other developments in family business matters in 1962-3.

 À la recherche du temps perdu — 12 — some churches

Posted on December 10, 2011 by Neil


Sutherland Uniting Church, formerly Methodist. My brother was married here in 1955 and, I realised when attending my Uncle Roy’s funeral, I hadn’t been inside this church since then.


Sutherland Presbyterian Church and manse. I was an elder here  at the age of 21, and Sunday School Superintendent. In the mid 1960s exciting events occurred in this church, the congregation mostly leaving to form the Presbyterian Reformed Church. At that time I resigned. See my 2008 post Uncertain dogma, The Shire, and related musings. See also this search for Calvin.

Christmas Eve sunset– looking towards Mount Kembla

Posted on December 25, 2011 by Neil



Sutherland Station, Christmas Day around 6pm

Posted on December 27, 2011 by Neil


Wollongong Mall Tuesday 27 December — 2

Posted on December 29, 2011 by Neil