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Check out re Whitfields and Christisons.

How did the Whitfields get to Australia? As Barry Allan notes in his family story Black Sheep and Gold Diggers, “Bill never mentioned that his own father had been a convict as well. It was socially unacceptable to have criminals in the family, and most families who had one invented all sorts of fanciful stories to explain how their ancestor came to Australia. These stories survived, often being embellished over the years, until the stigma faded and the truth was eventually discovered generations later.”

And as April ends some final stats and farewell

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OK! Do explore those.

Does this mean this blog is coming to an end? Yes, after 17 years it does. There may be an occasional entry and I will continue to monitor comments. Meanwhile, see me on Facebook.

May 1:

I am considering bringing together in a more ordered way my various and scattered family history and memory posts, either here or on a fresh purpose-built blog.

And here is the solution:

Watch this space!

Photos from May 2013-15

The photoblog came to an end in February 2013. From then on photos appeared here, with fewer since my camera died about twelve months back. But here are some:



Illawarra Brewery, May 2013


From my window West Wollongong, May 2014



Sutherland, May 2014



Surry Hills, May 2014


Protest rally in Church Street, May 2015


Beatson Park, West Wollongong