Some great things on YouTube

Here are things that have inspired me in the past week. And a surprise at the end for Sirdan in New Zealand…. (Not sure if he YouTubes.)

A powerful poem — it needs careful listening, more than once, but repays the effort:

And these are just nice:

And a walk through Newtown — another of my old haunts. The Newtown Hotel has acquired iron lace!

OK, now Sirdan’s surprise. Perhaps he has seen it already?

I recall East Redfern — 4

People tend to think of Redfern as the area near the railway station, particularly “The Block”. Redfern is bigger than that. This is the last in the set to focus on East Redfern, with images 2008-2011 from my photo blog.  These images mostly come from 2009 when I has the privilege of tutoring Dr Cassy’s son in English for the HSC at her East Redfern apartment, where there was also the biggest collection of Cricket memorabilia I have ever seen. On Dr Cassy see Miscellanea again… 1.

Footbridge over the Eastern Distributor and South Dowling Street, East Redfern:

06feb 021

From the high rise — see the full set there:

jan13 005
dec23 015
dec23 014
dec23 013
jan13 006
jan06 016
jan06 013