Goodbye Twitter, goodbye goodbye….

Been thinking about it. Set up a nest here:

But I hung on as there were still plenty of good tweets coming through. My use of Twitter however has always been minor. But then came the last straw:

So within minutes —

The deed done I visited and found confirmation abounding in what I saw!

And this appeared on my Mastodon feed.

And I find that if I really want I can go to Twitter to see what the good people I usually followed are up to, assuming of course they have not exited too!

One last exhibit: she had 6,984 followers on Twitter:

Twitter, Mastodon etc and me — interim notes

And I am not alone:

This is all great! But there are still issues, as I noted on Facebook:

Update on my Mastodon experience. The server I happened to join has a good mob on it. I like the rules. All a plus. I still have not figured out how to deal with the fact it is decentralised so much and getting the different servers to talk to one another is another problem. Good example — Maximos Russell Darnley has also joined Mastodon — which I was able to share on my Mastodon feed, but for him to see my feed and I to share his are problems it seems neither of us has yet mastered.

Update 21st November: I have solved the problem mentioned above and am now following Russell Darnley — and others. It is so simple. Just paste the person’s Mastodon address into the “Search” — top left hand corner of your own Mastodon page and Bob’s your uncle!

Meanwhile on Twitter:

Update — It worked. Twerptweets are back – – but nothing new has been added so far.

Elon Musk has reinstated former US president Donald Trump’s Twitter account after more than 15 million accounts responded to a poll.

  • More than 15 million accounts responded to the poll, with 51.8 per cent voting in favour
  • But Mr Trump says he will stick with his new platform, Truth Social
  • His account is the latest to be reinstated since Mr Musk bought the site

Mr Musk, who bought the social media site last month, asked users in a poll whether Mr Trump should be reinstated and 51.8 per cent of the 15,085,458 responses voted yes. 

And I have activated my Instagram. Been on Insta for ages, but really only used it to see other people. Not sure what I will do with it, but there is another Twitter substitute.

Just a couple of internet things today — starting with this blog


Great to see — as of this morning the weather radar at the BOM is back online and working!

Now to the post

Yesterday’s post, I am happy to say, has done rather well. But behind the scenes it raised some issues about how the process works.

That is what I saw just now, and you will see how small the typeface is as viewed on my laptop. Recently it changed from a sans serif larger font, rather like the one that you see in the published version of the post. That one was better, easier to spot errors.

On Facebook yesterday I wrote about yesterday’s blog post:

Behind the scenes in the WordPress editor. The font they now offer is a bit annoying as it can’t be changed or enlarged. So given my penchant for hitting the key next to my target on the keyboard typos abound! Today’s blog post had quite a few — all I hope now fixed.

Plus afterthoughts happen and additions suggest themselves. So for an hour or so after the blog post goes out to the world — predetermined by me the day before when the post is usually wriiten — the post tends to evolve.

As Bob Walshe taught us years ago — revise, revise, revise!

That’s 25 revisions now…

Bob Walshe –Great teacher, writer, historian, editor and guru for teachers of writing.

They are furiously revising over at what I will always call BOM — the Bureau of Meteorology, an excellent institution here in Australia. But their beancounters and public service admin side has gone more than a bit crazy, in my view.

There has been an absolute saga about their recent REBRANDING.

For some reason they decided the name BOM was just not cool enough.

The Bureau of Meteorology paid an external communications consultancy almost $70,000 to rebrand it “the Bureau” with staff claiming they were treated like “naughty schoolchildren” if they slipped up and referred to it as “the BoM”.

Environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, said on Tuesday she did not “quite understand” why the Bureau commenced a rebrand to update its name and logo, saying she was not focused on those factors during the severe flooding across much of the eastern seaboard.

She is understood to have asked for advice about the cost of the move….

I have long made frequent use of their radar on the internet, watching approaching storms and so on. For example, not long ago:

Well good luck if you try to do that now — at least as at yesterday afternoon:

They have an exciting new website with a really exciting new name. Only trouble is that for the two days I tried it, it bloody does not bloody work! Beyond the flashy front page.

WOW indeed!

Things do get fixed sometimes

You may recall my moaning about Facebook a few days back.

I am pleased to report that as at yesterday everything was working again!

On the rubber bands and string breaking at Facebook, or the chewing gum losing its stickiness…

Yes in the scheme of things a trivial moan, concerning the workings of Facebook and/or Windows 10, my laptop, my photo editor or all of the above. The moan concerns….

The photo concerned:

That is via PhotoScape — a program I have been using for over a decade — edited and reduced. I had in mind minimising the upload to Facebook. So I tried to upload that to my feed on Facebook.

Lunch — details in the comment as FB had another fail in uploading my pic — or the Woolies one of the product — to the post.

My pic has been reduced from a phone photo of 3.5 megabytes to 325 kilobytes — so size restrictions are not the issue. Further, until a few days back this issue never arose, and the processes I went through then are identical.

Now and again the beast actually does work — but not this time. Conclusion: Meta is stuffing up.

Using the phone, the large original file happily uploaded to my Story. 😟😟

I guess you would have to say Facebook — and yes I do know it is a very complex beast that really does wonders — is in this instance erratic.

A bit like Matt’s new super-tech remote controlled via cyberspace door bell and intercom.

And yesterday I tried too with a different lunch:

A rather more respectable lunch actually, not that this would have bothered Facebook.

There have been repeated examples in the past week or two of the same fail — my own uploaded pics only possible by being added into a comment.

And now and again it actually worked and the pic was in the right place — in the post.

Then there are the Messenger glitches, Like when it does not work at all?

And yesterday evening I put a little preview on my Facebook feed:

Here’s a bit of a preview of tomorrow’s blog post… In the comment section of course. What possessed you to think it might actually be in the post?

You expected the upload to work, did you? Silly of you….

Oh yes! Messenger works in the phone so I did get to read Rosemary’s message and see the pic she sent. I love jacarandas too.

But hey — despite all that I actually like Facebook!

Literacy? Sorry, the real war intervenes again…

I keep wanting to follow up on the terminal silliness that is the NAPLAN panic which occurs every year in Australia as the jacarandas bloom and summer approaches. I have been having fun/lashing out on Facebook however. If you are a friend with access to my FB go and search “literacy” and you will find quite a crop on that and the very important topics “media literacy” and “critical literacy” as well.

I can recommend a sensible article in the Sydney Morning Herald though: The crisis that NAPLAN is writing into our classrooms.

…the Australian Centre for Educational Research and other education authorities may have lost the point of why we teach kids to write: young people should learn to express themselves in myriad ways and across many platforms, so they can clearly articulate their thoughts, their worlds – and develop their own voice.

Once they master the mechanics, they can innovate for effect. They develop control.

A study by senior academics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, sponsored by Steiner Education Australia and published in The Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, showed that a uniquely designed creative writing rubric was a fit-for-purpose tool for assessing creative writing in the classroom and a more suitable guide to creative writing than NAPLAN. It also investigated how NAPLAN has directed and therefore restricted the way writing has been taught in schools since it was introduced in 2008. The study concludes that not only does NAPLAN penalise creativity – it is not a fit-for-purpose narrative writing assessment instrument.

Also last night I shared on FB the latest Spin Check from Channel 6 News, the team headed by Year 9 state school student Leo Puglisi.

Last I checked Roman Mackinnon — the presenter of this — is 13 and still has one NAPLAN test to go. Hope his dashes, colons and semicolons can cope…..

The war the war

This needs no comment from me apart from warning that it contains distressing images and references:

This has the ring of truth. So moving.

The vloggers


Anna in Ukraine

Dima from Russia now in Kazakhstan

And a warning about low-life on social media