So how is Sydney’s light rail going?

Yesterday I had yumcha with M at Zilver in Chinatown.

On my way back I crossed Eddy Avenue to enter Central Station. Here is a photo taken back in April (by Gareth Edwards – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 .) Yesterday one could see the rails all in place, but much work remains to be done.


Nostalgia time! Here is how I recall Eddy Avenue c.1955 — though the tram lines then went down the centre lane.



Among my better photos — 23

Back to pics and back ten years….

1840s remnant architecture, McElhone Place Surry Hills


The White Horse Hotel, Crown Street Surry Hills.

sun26 009

Belmore Park @ Central Station: sleepers, December 2008.


Belmore Park again, December 2008:

wed15 032

This rendering of Best of 2008: 17 was done with I think it works really well. Belvoir Street Surry Hills on a really beautiful morning.

am 001a