Seen in August 2014

Five years ago! Includes a visit to the good old Shakespeare in Surry Hills, which really must have suffered from the light rail construction outside its doors. I haven’t been there since 2014, I suspect. Must visit again. And speaking of such things, here is another Surry Hills institution: the Hollywood, and its amazing owner: this pic is not mine —


Now for my own August 2014 pics.

Shakespeare Hotel:

In The Gong. All are from my immediate neighbourhood.








Ten years ago: seen in August 2009

From my dormant photoblog.

Glebe: a repost

Posted on August 7, 2009I lived in this street just around the corner from St Johns Road in 1987-8. Burgled three times in that twelve months. I was staying with Andy Smith, a former Wollongong acquaintance originally from North Carolina. Great guy. Some of his relatives visited while I was there and I got the North Carolina accent down pat and annoyed my friends no end by slipping into it it from time to time.One small anecdote: we were all in the pub one night when one of Andy’s rellies, a lovely elderly lady of impeccable manners, said she hadn’t enjoyed herself so much since the shagging competition back home in Raleigh. “The what?” I asked. “Why sure, even the pastor used to go in the shagging competition.” I was having very strange visions at that thought, but it turned out that in Raleigh “shagging” was a kind of square-dancing. In Oz, of course, it is something four letters long beginning with F.
Not all gentrified yet:



Here is where I lived in Forest Lodge…  Just a few doors up  is the Forest Lodge Hotel.


Now for Surry Hills —

Bus stop: Elizabeth Street Surry Hills:


Seen in a Surry Hills side street:


Moore Park, wintry:


Seen in July 2009 — 1

Ten years on! Did a thorough sweep around Glebe at that time. I will select some later. These are from my then usual beat around Redfern, Surry Hills, Central and Chinatown.


2806 011

Joy in Belmore Park:

0807 016

Hay Street, Chinatown:

0807 019

Elizabeth Street Surry Hills:

1207 006a

Devonshire Street and Elizabeth Street intersection:

1207 005a

Winter light: Elizabeth Street Surry Hills:

1207 016

Feedback Cafe — no longer there — in Elizabeth Street Surry Hills:

1207 013