More on Sirdan’s new home

He’s going to have to learn how to say Whakaoriori. Lovely park in town:


And here is a glimpse of his new home:

Screenshot (245)


Sirdan gets a new Prime Minister…

This looks ok, doesn’t it?


Apparently New Zealand’s most beautiful city.

You may recall Sirdan has been living in Gympie, Queensland since January 2012. Now he tells me he (and Missie) are off to NZ, following a couple of weeks he has just spent there. He has bought a house and all!

When you think about it, who can blame him?

Here is Sirdan in animated conversation with M, back in April 2010 at the wonderful (but no longer there) Chinese Whisper in Surry Hills. Well, M is animated…


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Christchurch: Wollongong

I wasn’t in town yesterday, but quite a crowd was — and I am proud of my city! Here is Wollongong yesterday:


And proud of my Friday lunch companion Chris T, who posted this on Facebook:

O.K. I’m not Robinson Crusoe here. I have spent the weekend watching the horror that is the A.B.C news and trying to come to terms with this atrocity. I have, like all of us been trying to come up with the answer to the obvious question, what can I do about it. The answer is always the same. Little or nothing. Not acceptable to me. I must do something. So I make this promise. I have Fridays off and usually do very little with them. From today I will spend my Fridays outside my local Mosque during Friday prayers. I’m not a hero and I assume that this action is entirely symbolic but my message is simple. If you want to go in there and kill Muslims you will have to kill at least one White Christian first. I invite you all to join me. I doubt that anybody will turn up with a gun but if they should perhaps they will think twice before killing people who look like them.