NZ calls, plus change in The Gong

Just a couple of more personal items today.

Yesterday while my phone was recharging I got a call from a very long unknown number. The 64 prefix should have alerted me! A couple of hours later, the phone now being back on, a call from the mystery caller. No mystery: the source was New Zealand, and the caller — not Jacinta Ardern (I wish!) but Sirdan, now pretty much established back in NZ. Photos will follow, he has promised.

Just to remind you: NZ reclaims Sirdan. And a bonus:

Surry Hills yesterday. And let me say the Wollongong train both to and from Sydney was absolutely on timetable and not too crowded! So take that, Sydney Trains: a compliment.


Shakespeare Hotel front bar

…Yesterday after many a year I was there with Sirdan, who now lives in Queensland. He was passing through Sydney en route to a cruise commencing in Japan. B and later P joined us.

Sirdan and Mr R in the Shakespeare 2009: see I remember you well at The Shakespeare Hotel…

Here in The Gong change is afoot. Rumours have been circulating for some time.

The 67-year history of the Illawarra Leagues Club is set to come to an end – as a standalone entity at least – as it stands to amalgamate with Collegians.

Illawarra Leagues has advised members it intends to pursue the amalgamation, under which it will be dissolved, as has Collegians, which will continue.

Members of both clubs will soon be asked to approve the amalgamation.

Since February Illawarra Leagues has sought and received interest from clubs including Wests Illawarra, Steelers, the Fraternity Club, Wollongong Golf Club and Miranda RSL.

Amalgamation documents say Illawarra Leagues will be liquidated as its facilities become premises of Collegians, while the board of Collegians would become the board of the amalgamated club.

Collies would maintain the “traditions, amenities, culture, facilities and memorabilia” of Illawarra Leagues, the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two clubs states.

The new club would also improve and upgrade the poker machines, clubhouse and surrounds, social activities, and food and drink available at the Leagues club. It would also continue its $3000 annual payments to St Vincent de Paul and Illawarra Leagues Social Golf Club….

On August 10 upstairs at the Leagues Club a glass wall was blown in by the wild winds we had that day.


A sign from the Club gods?

Sirdan gets a new Prime Minister…

This looks ok, doesn’t it?


Apparently New Zealand’s most beautiful city.

You may recall Sirdan has been living in Gympie, Queensland since January 2012. Now he tells me he (and Missie) are off to NZ, following a couple of weeks he has just spent there. He has bought a house and all!

When you think about it, who can blame him?

Here is Sirdan in animated conversation with M, back in April 2010 at the wonderful (but no longer there) Chinese Whisper in Surry Hills. Well, M is animated…


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