Drinks with the Major-General…

After lunch at City Diggers yesterday I was joined at my table by one of the RSL types. I had no idea who he was, but he was a most pleasant companion, a few years older than me. The penny dropped as he told me he had been a soldier for thirty years or so and mentioned some places he had been. When I asked what his rank was when he retired he said “Major-General”… Oh… The chats you can have here in The Gong!

In 2008: “At Victoria Barracks, Sydney, the Governor-General, as Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Defence Force, and Mr Bryce, as guests of the Colonel Commandant, Major General Hori Howard AO MC ESM, attended a parade…”


And there he is last Anzac Day: Centenary of Anzac marches on in Wollongong: photos. And have a look at this:

And now anticlimax time: this month’s stats on this blog.

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