Two speeches — cool and heated — and I love them both…

First cool, and only just noted thanks to YouTube, on a subject where there has been a lot of heat in quite a few senses: COP26. Simon Clark. “Simon finished his PhD in theoretical atmospheric physics at the University of Exeter, researching dynamical stratosphere-troposphere coupling over the Arctic with Professor Mark Baldwin. Prior to this, he studied physics at St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, obtaining his masters degree and specializing in theoretical and atmospheric physics.”

The other speech occurred yesterday in the Australian Senate. As summarised by Australian political site (which I do find a touch overheated at times!) this is what happened:

Queensland MP George Christensen is the latest to abscond to a rebellious cohort opposing the state vaccine mandates, The Australian ($) reports. Plus, the paper claims crossbenchers Craig Kelly and Bob Katter told it they were considering holding their votes hostage too. Coalition seats make up 76 of 151 MPs — that means, without Christensen’s vote, the government needs a crossbencher or Labor MP to side with them to pass anything.

Five senators crossed the floor yesterday voting for One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s anti-vaccine mandate bill, but it was defeated 44-5 anyway (they were Gerard Rennick, Alex Antic, Matt Canavan, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, and Sam McMahon, as Guardian Australia lists). So what do they want? The fivesome are demanding the Commonwealth override state laws requiring workers to be vaccinated, and they strike at a critical time as the federal election countdown ticks on, as ABC says.

In a fiery rebuke, outspoken senator Jacqui Lambie went for Hanson’s proverbial jugular over proposed state sanctions, saying the bill was not about discrimination, but rather cash, power, and One Nation seats, SBS reports. “Being held accountable for your own actions isn’t called discrimination — it is called being a bloody adult,” Lambie fired to a smirking Hanson, watching on via video link.

And here is Jacqui Lambie’s speech in full, passionate and some might think a bit “unparliamentary” at times — but that’s Jacqui!

My comment on Facebook yesterday:

There are matters where I quite strongly disagree with her, but I grant she is what she appears to be –and that is a rare quality in a politician perhaps! And she is far from stupid. I can even forgive her for getting into Canberra in the first place thanks to Clive Palmer- – but she has long since become her own person.I saw a bit of her speech today. Excellent work. Shame about our local Senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells.

You may also like to see something about one of the other “rebel” government Senators, Gerard Rennick: Liberal MP Gerard Rennick floods Facebook with vaccine posts he admits may not be ‘100% accurate’.

Jacqui Lambie has had a checkered political career, and life. I find Wikipedia covers the various sides of her quite well. I find her painful on the subject of China, for example. But I like the feature you see on her website — and she uses that advice too!

Finally, relating to both items so far one way or another, is this splendid graphic that also popped up on Facebook today.

Update — a sequel to the Jacqui Lambie story

On SBS News

Senator Jacqui Lambie has accused One Nation of endangering her and her family, after a candidate for the far-right party’s Tasmanian campaign leaked her phone number in a Facebook post. 

It comes just a day after the independent senator excoriated One Nation for their proposed bill against vaccine mandates. 

Lambie said the breach by candidate Steve Mav was particularly egregious given the febrile political environment.

“I have received many nasty, abusive and threatening phone calls and messages,” she told parliament.

“You have the (federal police) briefing politicians about our safety, you have gallows on the steps of Victoria’s parliament and senators in this very chamber should not be facilitating any abuse.

“One Nation have crossed a line here that should never be crossed.”

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts told the chamber that Mav posted the number after being sent it by a voter who got it from a Facebook post from Senator Lambie urging veterans in need of help to contact her.

Appearing via videolink, Senator Roberts accused Senator Lambie of playing the victim and misrepresenting the circumstances – which was met by her shaking her head in the chamber.

God Save The Queen — from our conservative opinion-mongers…

Look, I am a fossil. In my old age I am rather fond of being in a parliamentary monarchy, and feel not even slightly offended by the woman in Windsor as our (shared) Head of State. Heaps of my friends will moan, but a few will cheer…

Our resident reactionaries on Sky have lately been roundly pissed off with Her Maj and family for being BLOODY GREENIES!

Utter bollocks of course. As the Lady herself says, despite a rather unfortunate past propensity for blowing little birds out of the sky, the Royals have been rather keen on environmental issues, not least the late Duke of Edinburgh.

And birds of a feather and all that…

So I say three cheers for the Prince of Wales!

And it runs in the family…

Meanwhile we watch and wait… It will happen.

Not entirely random passing thoughts, serious and silly

This post really is just what passed by me from around 7am this morning — or some of it. Also maybe some of these videos will disappear in due course, a problem when you post with embedded vids. But for now…



Lest we forget

Blithering idiot — not just “another opinion” but a public menace

Just one of a million possible refutations of that idiot — from a scientist who also happens to be an evangelical Christian!

And another…

And the point….

And finally…