Another outstanding morning of vlog posts from Ukraine, Russia and places of exile…

Russia and Russians in exile

Nik from the Moscow region aged 21

Yes he is also in the previous post on this theme, but his personal post yesterday morning is very powerful.

Groovy Mutant

It is fair to say he is a rather odd young man. His name is Yegor and on Instagram he is eyegroove. He “dropped out” of university earlier this year — despite beng brilliant, enjoying it, and passing everything as he says in one of his YouTube posts — very much wanting to pursue his own path rather than a set curriculum. Here he is 47 weeks ago:

Now his escape story — and quite a strange haircut!

Valeria Kusova


Olena from Ukraine

Pavlo from Ukraine

The result is an extraordinary post that will creep up on you…

Great Zub

Aid distribution…

Heroes and other inspiration in this dark world

A mere sample of what came my way on Saturday. My words are unnecessary. Be inspired,

This Russian teacher refused to show kids propaganda about Ukraine. It cost him his job. Kamran Manafly fled the country for an undisclosed location after being called an ‘agent of the West’

Check his Instagram.

Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays (1953), Ch. VIII: The Functions of a Teacher, p . 118-9

No one can be a good teacher unless they have feelings of warm affection towards their pupils and a genuine desire to impart to them what they believe to be of value.

This is not the attitude of the propagandist. To the propagandist the pupil is a potential soldier in an army. They are to serve purposes that lie outside their own lives, not in the sense in which every generous purpose transcends self, but in the sense of ministering to unjust privilege or to despotic power. The propagandist does not desire that the pupil should survey the world and freely choose a purpose which to them appears of value. The propagandist desires, like a topiarian artist, that the pupil’s growth shall be trained and twisted to suit the gardener’s purpose. And in thwarting the pupil’s natural growth the propagandist is apt to destroy in them all generous vigor, replacing it by envy, destructiveness, and cruelty.

There is no need for human beings to be cruel; on the contrary, I am persuaded that most cruelty results from thwarting in early years, above all from thwarting what is good.

Russian Activists Pen Open Letter Demanding End to War on Ukraine.

Several long-time Russian human rights advocates plan to publish an open letter urging Moscow to end its deadly assault on Ukraine, calling it “our common duty” to “stop the war [and] protect the lives, rights, and freedoms of all people, both Ukrainians and Russians.”

As The Guardian, which obtained a draft statement, reported Friday:

The “manifesto,” signed by 11 prominent activists including Lev Ponomaryov, Oleg Orlov, and Svetlana Gannushkina, announces the creation of a new anti-war council of Russian human rights defenders and is the broadest collective statement against the war by Russian human rights supporters to date.

“This war has neither just grounds nor a just purpose,” says a draft of the letter. “The international court of justice of the United Nations recognized the grounds of the ‘special military operation’ declared by Russia as illegal and has demanded an immediate end to the aggression and withdrawal of troops. But the fighting, bombing, and shelling continue, leveling cities and vital infrastructure to the ground.”