Roman the Russian’s cri de coeurΒ and other developments

He literally screams….

Roman the Russian — from a position of REAL KNOWLEDGE not speculation about Russian pop music, life and culture. Roman strips bare the windy trash and almost pornographic pro-war propaganda coming from the Kremlin sausage machine. This is a must watch.

Exactly 1 year ago Russia began it’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Of course, such a big date as the 1 year anniversary had to be celebrated by the Russian propaganda in one way or the other. And Z propaganda truly outdid itself: with Putin giving a huge address to the country and also a big “patriotic” Z concert in Moscow. Complete with corny sellout artists such as SHAMAN and other creators of Russian propaganda music, as well as patriotic hot takes on history of Russia, the Soviet Union and the world. What was the Russian propaganda concert all about and what is Russia like at 1 year into full-on conflict? Let’s talk about it.

Daniil and the 1420 vlog team

On Facebook my friend Rosemary commented on this next vlog post:

So sad to think that faces needed blurring, clothes needed disguising and voices needed distorting for interviewees to answer frankly and honestly the question of what they think of Putin. It is so potentially risky and fraught with dangerous consequences. These young vloggers continue to give their followers an amazing insight into the brutal reality, the impact of the war on lives, thoughts and hopes. Others have shown the beauty, the culture, the history of country that most knew so little about. Some have provided a more philosophical analysis or detailed commentary in a political context. However, the greatest fear I have is for those like Daniil and Denis who continue to take risks.

I responded:

It will not come as a surprise that my next blog post will probably be about these latest vlog posts. As for Daniil we really don’t know for sure where he is. He can edit and publish anywhere so long as he has his laptop, recording equipment and internet access. He has said himself he lives in hotels and constantly moves. I see he now attributes his interviewers at the end by giving their initials. That is new. Denis I really feel for as we have in fact really communicated several times now. I found his vlog also because Daniil recommended it several times! And even the exiles like Roman and Konstantin and perhaps especially Zack are taking risks, not only with their future prospects in Russia but they are not beyond all risk of danger even in the present.

A vox pop vlog from Ukraine

Dima — Russian in exile

What The Economist tells us

Good reputation, this site…

Memory pics from inner Sydney in February 2009

Really seems like yesterday. Redfern, Surry Hills, Haymarker, Chinatown. Such was my daily round. No thought just then of Wollongong being my near future — that happened in the second half of 2010. Not that I regret being here in The Gong….

Haymarket — Gloria Jean’s

Redfern — hot afternoon — found a treasure

Mardi Gras Fair Day

Buckingham Street Surry Hills

One of a set of terraces in South Dowling Street, Moore Park, featuring names from the South Coast of NSW.

Prince Alfred Park

Catching up with the Russian vloggers

29th December 2022 was my last share from the Russian vloggers I follow. This selection is just a few up to the time of writing on 7-8th January 2023. Vlogs dealing directly with the war and Ukrainian vlogs will get another entry.


The year 2022 has been rough for the entire post-Soviet Union, but mostly Ukraine and Russia, of course. This year I left Russia and started living in Georgia, and it’s been a year full of hard choices, struggle and mental health issues. In today’s video I want to go over my year 2022 and talk about personal stuff, including my life at the moment, feelings about Russia and current plans for the future.

That is the latest one and at 1.00 pm today my time it has been up for just nine hours, during which time it garnered 161,000 views!

1420 — Daniil

Denis Islamov from Vladivostok

At the time he posted that selfie and compiled his New Year post, Denis was at sea. He is a cadet student at a specialist maritime university training for the merchant marine. His English is at a comparatively early stage compared with Roman, for example, who has a degree in linguistics and is a qualified interpreter. Denis has made clear that he dissents from the Russian policy in Ukraine and wants to leave the country. Daniil from 1420 has several times promoted Denis’s vlog, Selections from Denis’s YouTube community posts:

3 months ago Guys, important question to you. If I go away to the for example Kazakhstan , will you support me? It will be hard decision, because this is strange country for me and I’ll have a lot of problems. Very important problem will be of course question with money because my channel is little now that give me enough money for life, but I want to develop it in future

2 months ago Hello, guys ✌ Could you suggest me, where can I go away from Russia where the government help people as I? Please write about it below. πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

2 months ago Personal post for you : ❀ Honestly sometimes I have wish to give up and that’s all. 🀯 I think: aw, aw, aw YouTube never give me good recommendations and I can’t make anything πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ But then I remember “why I started all this ” And continue improve myself in this sphere πŸ‘Œ But times it’s so hard to find inspiration for this. Thanks you that you support me, guys πŸ₯°

8 days ago Merry Christmas guys 😜 I know that you already had this holiday in West countries but we will only have in Russia ✌ Unfortunately I have watches on the ship while all country will celebrate this New Year 31 of December – 1 of January πŸ‘Œ But I’ll have this holiday with mooring lines, anchor, ship’s items and gulls πŸ˜‚β›΅

Russian family in Turkey (Half-Russian)

A sweet post.

Vasya in the Hay

Life outside the big cities.

Zack the Russian — interview

@ZacktheRussian is a YouTuber who supports Ukraine and has protested the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. In March he left Russia and is currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. He posts content and livestreams about the war and is fighting for change in his home country.” — Jake Broe