Slight hiatus, maybe….

Am currently in a coffee shop in Chinatown, Sydney. They have wi-fi but it sucks, rather…


May be out of the Gong and my favourite free wi-fi sources later this week, as I believe Sirdan will be visiting from Queensland.

Today, soon, is yum cha at Zilver with M.


Still around…

My niece Christine contacted me yesterday, concerned that she hadn’t seen me on Facebook lately. I had in fact posted several items the day before! But I do indeed tend to repost items from media, my blog, and fellow-bloggers on my feed — though not randomly — which makes me suspect the issue with my niece has been the 2018 changes to the Facebook algorithm.

The other thing is that I am no longer on the internet from home, preferring free connection whenever I can find it — as here at City Diggers, for example.


I did also have a food-poisoning attack Tuesday night through Wednesday — thanks to some dodgy Primo sliced English ham — and didn’t venture out until Thursday, and then mainly to post my footy tips at Steelers. Later I ate more than I should — though it was very good — at Illawarra Leagues, meaning a little more recovery was needed yesterday. But I seem to be doing well enough today.

Been reading though. More books from Wollongong Library, but more on them later.

More yums in The Gong!

Friday was the last lunch with my friend Chris T before he heads off the Europe for a few weeks. We chose the just-opened — after a very long lead-up — Manjit’s on Crown.


Fantastic. Chris chose a fish curry rather like this:


I had Rajasthani goat curry — tender as! Check the menu.

Top quality basmati rice too, much like this. Very long grains.


If Ramana ever comes to Wollongong we now know where to have lunch!

Food and time….

Prompted by last night’s 1950s episode of Back in Time for Dinner:

This was, after all, a time when post-war food rationing was still in play, fridge technology was evolving, you had to buy olive oil from the chemist, phones were attached to a wall by a cord and tripe was on the menu.

Baker laughs. “I don’t think this family will ever, ever eat tripe again. With each decade we gave them a manual and the 1950s included a fantastic tripe recipe that Carol had to cook. She was aghast.”

Back in the day I loved tripe — the way my mother cooked it anyway!

I note that 100+ posts here are tagged food! Here are some sample meals….

Ziggy’s House of Nomms, Wollongong:


Much missed: Shiraz Persian Restaurant, Wollongong:


Taste of Xian, Wollongong:


Samara’s Wollongong:



Enoki mushrooms post

You know the ones?


On Saturday Chris T and I lunched at Fujiyama in Wollongong. At another location it was known as Fuku. Now it has shiny new premises. The food is still excellent and quite often different. There is an extensive hot and spicy Hunan menu these days, in addition to many old favourites, though sadly not ramen.

Chairman Mao Zedong, who hailed from spice-loving Hunan province, once said, “You can’t be a revolutionary if you don’t eat chilies.” The Hunanese food writer Liu Guochu says Mao loved spice so much he sprinkled ground chilies on slices of watermelon.


The surprise dish was a fried garlic and mushroom dish that looked a little like the following, but much darker. Yes, it was hot and spicy, but delicious.