I am proud that I saw through the Orange Fake pretty much from the beginning…

But it didn’t really take talent. The man was obviously an enormous mistake pretty much from Day One! And yes, I did piss off quite a few people by the line I took — but history is justifying that line in spades! The Stable Genius who among other things confused his dementia screening test with an IQ test, who comprehensively stuffed up US reaction to COVID-19, who thought being a performing seal in North Korea was some kind of policy…. And one could go on….

Nowadays six months on from being trounced in the Presidential elections he still maintains “we woz robbed”! Sadder still there are idiot commentators in such places as the New York Post and Sky in the Bog who go along with such obvious guff!

A comment on a YouTube post gave the best insight into what this global laughing stock now is — reprising day after day one of the great scenes from the golden years of Hollywood!

Cut off perfectly correctly from both Facebook and Twitter, the Dunce-Once-In-Chief has become a blogger — nothing wrong with that in itself of course — after pumping up his retreat to 1990s Internet as a great advance in truth, justice and the American way — it’s SuperTrump. I will grant he may indeed have come from another planet….

I rather enjoyed that back in the day in Kirrawee in 1956-7….

Here is what I posted before about this dolt….

He exposes himself every time he opens his mouth.

Another suggestion is that Trump is Miss Havisham spending her life beside her mouldering wedding cake lamenting that she was jilted on her wedding day and devoting herself to revenge:

The only appropriate response to this man is contempt.

The Pyrrhic victory of the greatest conman ever to inhabit the White House — a verdict not worth a cracker!

I am not being namby-pamby about this hideous creature any more. He is not a credible leader. He is not clever. He is a menace.

Is that clear enough?

Then how about Carl M. Loeb University Professor at the Harvard Law School of Harvard University Lawrence Tribe on Twitter: “What McConnell said today ends all legitimate debate over Trump’s responsibility for inciting violent insurrection against the United States. The Senate shamefully let Trump off on a hypocritical technicality, but the House Managers overwhelmingly proved Trump’s guilt forever.” This is what McConnell said in a great factual speech. Shame about his failure to vote accordingly:

57 found him guilty, endorsing the facts and the verdict of history from this day on. 43 took a different view, for reasons no doubt varied but almost certainly political. Hardly a verdict to crow about, is it? The defence case was a master class in narrow nit-pickery. This was NOT a criminal trial. It was a political ritual, but an important one, even if the outcome was entirely predictable.

Note the unambiguous caption from this US evangelical site: “Trump incites his followers to violence.”

Whatever the outcome of what is happening in the Senate, that is the truth, was the truth, always will be the truth.

“… the mayhem brought with it the stark realization that this destruction was the logical conclusion of a presidency committed to undermining and delegitimizing the foundations of American democracy.”

The photos are excellent. Here is just one:

This is a must see. Irrefutable. There was an attempt to steal the election. It was led by Donald J Trump!

As doyen of US news Dan Rather said:

January 6 was a coordinated attack. It was built atop a foundation of lies doled out with precision over days and weeks. From a different perspective, you might say this was months, years, and even generations in the making. Will it be the last gasps of a discredited white supremacy and the other forces of intolerance that weaken our nation? Will we be able to successfully fight off the lies and propaganda? Or will this be part another major strike of the sledgehammer that’s fracturing our democratic experiment?

I have long believed that anyone who thinks Donald Trump is or ever has been anything other than the worst ever President, the most wilfully ignorant, and the greatest liar ever to hold the office, has rocks in his/her head.

His policies, such as they were, if they can really be sorted out from the chaos, were and are as attractive as the worst of the Isolationists in the 1930s. Those who think he is some kind of intelligent conservative have forgotten what a conservative is.

To many of my leftist friends I am a conservative. I read Shakespeare. I love the Queen. I have even been known not to vote Labor or Green. I do know what a conservative is, and I do know that Trump is an authoritarian, crypto-Fascist to some degree, but essentially a deluded ignoramus on whom, sadly, many Americans, who rightly in many cases felt left out, put their faith. They were tragically wrong.

His primary characteristic really has been rampant narcissism. His speeches and rallies were “positive thinking” gone to seed, worthy of the maddest moments of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman or the tragic Jay Gatsby gazing at the green light on Daisy’s pier.

Except Trump had no green light — other than his own mad conviction that multiple bankruptcies and business ventures of dubious real public worth fitted him somehow to “Make America Great Again.”

Hundreds of thousands have died under Trump’s maladministration, victims in part of that toxic bullshit positive thinking.

The defence offered the most thin, most nit-picking, most narrow defence against what was to any observer Trump’s patent guilt over many months.

This Toon (thanks to Loon Pond) pretty much sums up the case that 57 Senators rightly accepted. Trump meanwhile might (one hopes) be compared to King Pyrrhus of Epirus.

This was not a witch-hunt, not the pursuit of a saint or patriot out of vengeance, but the legitimate exposure of possibly the greatest conman ever to occupy the White House, who was and remains a clear and present danger to US democracy! This has been a clear and vivid demonstration of how a vile shonk set out to lie his way back into office, caring not at all about how it was done or who was hurt. Whatever has been the decision of the Senate, this man should never again hold any kind of public office anywhere.

Let me remind you about what this wonderful Australian singer/songwriter offered us last October, given the WRONG decision made by the US Senate today.

A NOTE ON COMMENTS: This post is a statement of my position. You may take it or leave it. You are free to do that, and you can sound off about the issues wherever you like. I am not limiting your free speech. But NO COMMENTS — for or against — will be published about this post. You will not be blocked — unless you are especially offensive — but your comment, for or against as I said, will simply not be published. I will have read it though. I simply have no desire for this post to become a punching bag. It is what it is, and I do not regret a word of it — after around five revisions in the past 24 hours. It is considered, that is for sure.

What a week this may be…

Like all of good will I rather hope it passes without seriously bad incidents.

My views on Donald Trump formed during his candidacy for the 2016 election, particularly in the persona I saw in the debates against Hillary Clinton, and in recent times have hardened to the point where I would say it is indisputable that he is the most nauseating human being as, and the worst performing, President of the USA in my lifetime.

Some say the worst President ever.

Plenty of Republican voters echo what this one says:

See also this from an American in Spain — which makes me in comparison seem calm and reasonable. I do not really accept his grand historical analogues, but there is much truth in his headline!

I am all for the slogan Make America Sane Again.

And for Trump? Well, yes we do need to take into account that he tapped into very genuine feelings from many Americans who were feeling left behind, and that needs to be addressed. There were interesting, but I would say not unalloyed positive, developments in Middle East policy, but sucking up to Saudi Arabia and lack of reasoned thinking about Iran, were not among the positives. That Trump was not a war-monger is often adduced in his favour, but I think careful examination will show this to have been a manifestation also of weakness. The argument about Trump as man of peace sounds to me eerily like what Charles Lindbergh or any other 1930s America First isolationist would have said. Not an unmixed blessing at all.

And what did all that showmanship with Kim Jong-un really achieve? Except to show again Trump as master of photo ops, a latter-day P T Barnum.

Note that I have not yet even mentioned the pandemic, the current overpromising of vaccine stocks, or the 400,000 Americans projected to have died by the day of the Inauguration.

Nonetheless, let us all hope the coming week is in fact a peaceful transfer of power! And all good luck and blessings to the Biden team as they try to repair so much damage.

For more on Trump, search this blog.

So the Medical Centre telephoned….

Now at 77 and with an arterial stent (2011) calls to come in for a health check do make one anxious. This is who rang:

Last Friday was the big day. I have already noted the outcome on Facebook, which was that I need to drink more water — the examiner, Jo, did not add “and less shiraz” so I will take that as a no.

What I usually have at City Diggers — the house special.

The examination was in fact to assess my health and living conditions for my age. It is part of an Australian government initiative and totally free. Among the many physical and psychological tests was a DEMENTIA SCREENING TEST.

Now this had a certain familiarity, as not too long ago I had posted about it.

One Donald J Trump was absolutely chuffed a while ago, you may recall, about the IQ Test that confirmed his self-assessment as a GENIUS! You will recall that, according to Trump, doctors were beside themselves when they witnessed how he BLITZED this REALLY HARD test!

Pretty much the same test that I BLITZED (100% right) last Friday. Wowsers! I am a JEENNIIUUSSS!!!!!!

Unfortunately for Trump, it is not an IQ Test but rather a screening test for dementia. It is far from difficult, I can tell you, unless of course you do have dementia…. I even managed to spell “world” backwards!

And speaking of that very great fool who still thinks he won the Presidential Election, I would rather not. Speak of him, that is. Even if he and I are fellow geniuses. Who both aced that REALLY REALLY DIFFICULT TEST!

Instead, enjoy this:

Liar, liar! Even when the game is over… But the deaths go on.

The game is over? Thousands apparently disagree, but for me this came as game, set and match.

But the nonsense goes on. To quote historian Simon Schama on Twitter 13 November: “Trump doesn’t understand that we don’t care what he does with his pathetic mildewed ego, now or 2024; what we care about is the mortal peril of overwhelmed hospitals, 159,000 new cases in a day; nearly 2000 dead.”

And the deaths go on.

With more than 240,000 deaths and over 10 million confirmed cases nationwide, it would seem almost every metric is trending in the wrong direction.

And as daily case numbers continue to hit all-time highs with winter fast approaching, it is yet to be seen if the country can claw back control.

So yesterday Trump materialised (eventually) in the White House Rose Garden and gave THAT speech of self-congratulation.

President Trump says an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s promising new COVID-19 vaccine will come “extremely soon,” delivering his first public remarks since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election last Saturday.

“Right away, millions of doses will soon be going out the door” after final approval arrives, Trump said, giving an update on his administration’s efforts to accelerate coronavirus vaccine development and distribution.

“In July, my administration reached an agreement with Pfizer to provide $1.95 billion to support the mass manufacturing and distribution of 100 million doses, with the option to purchase a total of 600 million doses shortly thereafter,” Trump said.

“Our investment will make it possible for the vaccine to be provided by Pfizer free of charge,” he added.

To which my friend and former colleague Russell Darnley in Singapore tweeted: “This bare faced lie stood out. #Pfizer received no funds from #WarpSpeed. You don’t have a capacity to tell the truth other than the obvious like ‘beautiful day’ or ‘good morning’. #lies #falsehoods

Lies? Yes. Consider this, uploaded to YouTube a couple of days before that Rose Garden speech.

The guy just can’t help himself, can he?