Unfiltered: the “Debate”

Fear not — there will be more pics tomorrow, from Sydney in the last in the current series. But inevitably I watched here in Wollongong the misnamed show between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. So far as there was a winner, it was Biden. I now repeat what I posted as it was happening on Facebook.

Postscript: The only thing I would add after a few hours reflection would be that the blame for this being the worst debate any of us have seen rests totally with Donald J Trump, who set the tone from the start. Biden would have had to have been a saint not to react — in fact mostly I thought he handled the sheer rudeness and provocation, not to mention the bald-faced lies, rather well. I just feel sorry for the moderator. How was he to know Trump’s promise to stick to the rules was worthless?

So I — as a former debating coach — am watching the “debate”. Donald Trump is a lying, overbearing, heap of shit who goes for the “fake news”/”extreme left” crap slogans as a first line of attack every time, and has the arrogance to say that compared to him his opponent can’t possibly be smart. He so laboured the “radical left” meme that I thought I was back in the 50s with the late unlamented Joe McCarthy! It was laughable, really, and utterly insubstantial in the world of fact!

You think all this is ad hominem on my part? No — but Trump could run master-classes on how to do ad hominem! Not to mention his throwing around straw men like there is no tomorrow, taking ad absurdum the misrepresentation of Biden’s positions on whatever.It is a text-book case — Trump’s that is — of every trick in the book of fallacious and dishonest argument.

You might care to review the text-book — or the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill version! Donald is not familiar with such things.

The Hunter Biden attacks were beyond disgusting, the one on Beau Biden even more so! 💩💩💩

The only ad hominem in my comment is that this homo — in the proper Latin sense — it is the nominative whose accusative case is “hominem” — ought never to have been President of the USA.

The moderator did his best. Purely as a debate — so far as there was one — Trump LOST, LOST, LOST. Because he did not actually debate, but just paraded his tired hobby-horses, cheap insults, and alternative truths! Sad. Even sadder the fact he was so blatantly shabby will most likely make no difference to his groupies.

Footnote: Come to Australia to see how and why postal voting does not have to be a problem.

Well that is how I saw it. NBC has been fact-checking.