I know a genuine human voice when I hear one — 2: Ukrainians

What is Ukraine?

A vlog by a Ukrainian American and frankly soft propaganda, but interesting nonetheless.


Anna is an academic in Ukraine and of course also argues for her country and its cause, but certainly qualifies as an authentic human voice. Lately some of her experiences have been difficult.

See her interviewed by Vlad Vexler, the marvellous Russian-born Oxford-educated political philosopher in London.

One more from two weeks ago:

BTW in case you still think Anna is unfair to label Putin’s Russia as a terrorist state, consider the latest news!


Even in his normally rather peaceful countryside village, Pavlo and his family are feeling the effects of that policy.

Pavlo has appeared on my blog before:


I know a genuine human voice when I hear one — 1: Russians

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Here he talks with a fellow-exile.


Now in exile in Georgia, an experience he talks about in his latest vlog post.


Yes, he is still around and now after a time in various places including The Netherlands he appears to be back in Russia. What he does is dangerous. Hence one of my most visited posts recently: Has anything happened to Daniil?

Daniil’s vlogging assistant being questioned by police in Moscow earlier this year.

More to come — including from Ukraine.

Redfern on our minds

Thirty years ago one of the great speeches in Australian political history happened in Redfern.

As that thirtieth anniversary comes around , all the more reason to embrace the Uluru Statement from the Heart, constitutional recognition, and the Voice to Parliament.

The gist is all in this great speech of 30 yeara ago!

Posted on  by Neil

The next several posts will be photoposts about the weekend 6-7 December 2014. And a good one it was. Sunday I took the 7.45am express to Sydney, getting off at Redfern.


I hadn’t been to Redfern in quite a while. The immediate purpose of the trip was lunch with M at The Shakespeare Hotel in Surry Hills, but I decided, it being Sunday, to go early enough to attend South Sydney Uniting Church. I hadn’t been there for quite a while; I suspect this was the last time: South Sydney Uniting Church last Sunday. It proved a bit of a bonus because along with some old friends there were quite a few Indigenous Australian young people from Arnhem Land and Darwin down for some conference or other.

But on the way I paid another pilgrimage.


Redfern Park


Goodbye Twitter, goodbye goodbye….

Been thinking about it. Set up a nest here:

But I hung on as there were still plenty of good tweets coming through. My use of Twitter however has always been minor. But then came the last straw:

So within minutes —

The deed done I visited and found confirmation abounding in what I saw!

And this appeared on my Mastodon feed.

And I find that if I really want I can go to Twitter to see what the good people I usually followed are up to, assuming of course they have not exited too!

One last exhibit: she had 6,984 followers on Twitter:

Sunday night was a touch wild…

This is not last Sunday night but is very similar — and it is my place in West Wollongong, but 11 years ago:

This is last Sunday night which I “live blogged” on Facebook.

There had been last minute warnings just before 7 pm — and when I checked the official radar:

My window affords a good vantage point, looking west towatds the escarpment.

Fortunately it fairly quickly passed out to sea.