An update on those Russian vlogs — and some not shared before

I learn so much from the wonderful young Russians who through their vlogs are keeping us in touch first with their sheer humanity and second giving such a window into what is really going on and how people feel.

Check my entries on the subject.

The amazing Daniil in Moscow immediately comes to mind — so often walking on the edge!

Those screen shots give you the flavour!

Look through my earlier posts for more. One that offers very well-made human interest short documentaries on life outside the main centres is Vasya in the Hay:

And just yesterday I found this new vlog. The first post is very promising, as I noted on Facebook:

Very informative — first effort from a promising young Russian.

In this video, I talk about one of the most popular myths in Russia: that Russia never attacked anybody and show the first example of how it’s taught at school.


00:00 – 00:46 – Intro

00:46 – 1:22 – the idea of the channel

1:22 – 2:20 – this video’s topic

2:20 – 4:38 do Russians really believe in this?

4:38 – 6:15 – How we’re going to look at it in today’s video

6:15 – 8:04 – What is Russian North?

8:04 – 11:06 – Russian schoolbooks on Colonisation of the North. Torkunov’s book

11:06 – 16:36 – Russian schoolbooks on Colonisation of the North. Medinsky’ book

16:36 – 29:37 – What research says about the Colonisation of the North

29:37 – 33:48 – The intersections with today’s events

Finally I commend to you Natasha’s Adventures. She is from the Far East of Russia, where China and the Pacific Ocean are much nearer than Moscow or St Petersburg. She is the subject of an excellent and empathic interview by an American vlogger, who in fact met her in person during his own travels.

Here are her most recent uploads:

And here is the interview I mentioned:


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