Sydney Boys High 1985

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I couldn’t recall Scott Morrison, our PM du jour, from my teaching at Sydney Boys High from late 1985. Still true, but I have found some evidence. Yes, he was a prefect — and the Principal there in the front row had been my Maths teacher in 1958-9.



Why think of this today? Because last night I saw someone I do remember from SBHS 1985, a member of the Year 11 class that became the memorable Class of 1986. I might even suggest this person is rather more interesting than SM, but maybe that would be churlish. It was on last night’s The Drum on ABC News 24.

Host: Julia Baird
Panel: by Brooke Boney, Simon Holmes à Court and Samantha Maiden
Guest: Dr Sacha Molitorisz and Pete Goss
The panel discusses $4.5 billion funding for non-government schools, a no confidence motion against Peter Dutton and Australians losing trust in the government.

Sacha looked rather different in 1985 — but then, so did I! Fascinating research he’s been doing:

My expertise spans ethics, media and law, and my goal is to find answers to the question of how, in a digital age, we can shape a more ethical media landscape. At the Centre for Media Transition at UTS, my research (and teaching) areas include digital privacy and trust in news media. In 2017, I completed a PhD into the ethics of digital privacy; previously, I studied law and English Literature.