Jobson Grothe or Chaos?

As Election Day gets closer and particularly as maybe 30% of us are already pre-polling, Mr Turnbull has come up with this Awful Warning:

In Adelaide on Saturday Mr Turnbull urged voters… “A vote for anyone other than my coalition team is a vote for chaos,” he told a group of Liberal supporters. “Every single vote for Nick Xenophon, the Independents, the Greens or Labor, brings us closer to Bill Shorten and the Greens running Australia. So now is not the time for a protest vote or a wasted vote.”

He has also told us that every vote counts, so we should vote for the Coalition ahead of anyone else, no matter where we are. On that see Barrie Cassidy, Pork barrelling and the hoax of ‘every vote counts’.

…But despite all that, the Prime Minister’s words are not totally wasted. When he says treat your vote as if it will decide the election, absolutely do so – in the Senate! Because at least in the contest for seats in that chamber the power of every vote is equal.

You can argue that the smallest states getting equal numbers of senators to the biggest states is hardly democratic either. But again that’s the system we have. At least in the senate contest every vote genuinely counts, no matter where you live.

Here in Cunningham our Coalition candidate has hers and Buckley’s to win. Our electorate is firmly wedded to chaos, Mr Turnbull. But the fun will be in the Senate. Given the new voting system I don’t even have to mention the Coalition,and guess what? I won’t be giving them any of my precious digits.

But what can you expect? After all I have just done another of those online thingies, this time Fairfax’s.

Screenshot - 19_06_2016 , 9_06_52 AM

No great surprise there. Compare some recent posts.

I was pleased to see these interesting overall results on individual policy items:

Screenshot - 19_06_2016 , 9_11_48 AM

Screenshot - 19_06_2016 , 9_12_30 AM