Photoblog recycle June 2015

The photoblog as such ceased in February 2013 but photoposts continued here.

From omnishambles to pizza…

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Neil

…Now consider the humble pizza from City Diggers in Wollongong.


Super crisp thin crust, delicious fresh topping – and yes, that is spinach. One needs comfort food in this mad political climate.

Random Friday memory 16 – among the Chinese

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Neil

Twenty-five years is a very long time, though as many septuagenarians would understand, quarter-centuries aren’t as long as they used to be. 1965- 1990 took, well, 25 years, but 1990-2015 has gone by in a matter of minutes!


That was taken in winter 1990 on an excursion to Wollongong with my class of overseas adult students. The couple on the right are from Korea, as I think is the woman with the red bag – or is she Chinese? Blue umbrella is Zhang Rui from Tianjin in China (a scientist) and next to him another Chinese, Ding. The taller slightly older man is Bill Zhang from Guangzhou. Lovely man.


Bill and I in Hyde Park 1990. He had been photographing the grass so his wife in China could see this wonder: apparently at that time great dollops of lawn were in his eyes quite an exotic spectacle…

Halal on Saturday, and revamped venue

Posted on June 1, 2015 by Neil

Been a touch chilly out there this morning, even in Wollongong. It can snow in the mountains just south of here. Last Saturday was coolish too, which explains the lack of patrons outside Samaras. Inside was a different story.


Chris T and I had extra halal lamb kebabs this time: they are so good. See also NBN, election, great feed (29 March).

I saw in Crown Street on the way to Corrimal Street and Samaras that the refurbished Glasshouse was open. This is the back story

By the way, no Wollongong venues were on the “most violent” list this year.



Looking good. Worth a daytime visit, even for someone not in the target demographic! See Mr Crown on Facebook.


Music was playing Saturday lunchtime, but I didn’t go in this time. That shot is from their Facebook page.