Three years ago today…


Where I am right now…

Posted on March 1, 2011 by Neil


Wollongong Hospital after a small heart attack… I’ll be here a little while yet.

So that was three years ago

It was of course on 28 February that I called the ambulance… This also means that I am now eligible for the Keys To the Q:

At three years quit, you’re proclaimed an honorary Mayor of Quitstville, and are presented the Keys to the Q by those who’ve gone before you.

At the moment, because of time differences, the tally looks like this:

1096 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes and 12 seconds smoke free. 54817 cigarettes not smoked.

$41,648.00 saved.

Your quit date: 2/28/2011

Impossible to imagine except it is true.

On the heart front I have had a concern or two and had a blood test yesterday. I see the doc next week.

Not to frighten you, but by fiddling with Photoscape and using Baby HP’s webcam I updated the image above:

Picture 002a

But to reassure you – and myself—it isn’t quite that bad yet. Here I am a few minutes ago:


Baby Toshiba and the new laptop–recycled from 4 April 2011

… the one cigarettes paid for.

FotoSketcher - CIMG5614

  • 33 days, 19 hours, 13 minutes and 6 seconds smoke free.
  • 1690 cigarettes not smoked.
  • $1,088.00  saved.

6 April 2013

Alas, Baby Toshiba is no more but, thanks to M, I now have Baby HP instead. The now two-years-old “new” laptop is still going strong.

And the latest smoking stats:

  • 768 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes and 29 seconds smoke free.
  • 38419 cigarettes not smoked.
  • $29,184.00  saved.

The Order of the Golden Boot attained at last

golden-bootQuitNet speak: “Our version of the Oscars, awarded at the 2 year milestone.” Not exactly the one on the right, but let that be a symbol. Because of the time zone difference, QuitNet is still in yesterday, so these figures are a few hours out.

731 days, 12 hours, 49 minutes and 29 seconds smoke free. 36577 cigarettes not smoked.

$27,778.00 saved.

This also means it is two years since I was carted off to Wollongong Hospital in one of these.

 wollongong ambulance

… to spend the next nine days in the cardiac ward and get stented. Here are a couple of my fellow sufferers at the time.