Yes even more from the war

In Tbilisi there was a big rally of Russians opposing Putin, the war, and backing Ukraine. Guess who was there….

Zack the Russian live-streamed and did an amazing job of interpreting the speeches. The video goes for one and a half hours.

Meanwhile Dima is happier, having moved on from Kazakhstan:

Another vlogger, Igor, interviewed Dima. Learn more about his story.

Vlad Vexler, that excellent Russian-born Oxford-educated political philosopher in London, quickly runs through some of the news and ideas that have emerged in the past day or two, including the great “dirty bomb” propaganda nonsense coming out of Moscow.

Finally Konstantin has not long ago finished his day’s live stream.

And here in West Wollongong?

I’m staying home today….

From my window.

Recently one blog post has been much visited…

This one from 25th March 2022: Confronting ongoing horror in the news… with music.

So this morning I will start with an excellent post from one Russian exile interviewing another — the amazing Konstantin.


Now to music

An amazing new experience for me from South Africa. I had no idea!


Now Playing for Change delivers a song we need to hear in these times:

And one we all know — not the first time I have shared it either:

And in response to much that Konstantin says in the vlog above two more:

Catching up again on a treasure trove of Russian and Ukraine vlogs and videos

I had planned a very light post today — until I saw Twitter and then YouTube — and rarely have the offerings been so rich! There are so many must watch items! First Vlad Vexler, Russian-born and Oxford-educated political philosopher in London. The following video is absolutely a must see, brilliant, clear and informative, and corrects the lazy knee-jerk reactions that have infested the media — and my thinking too until now! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Vlad Vexler has posted his considered take on the Dugina assassination

00:00 Introduction 00:40 Darya Dugina, Ukraine, Bucha 03:05 Alexander Dugin and the Putin regime 07:57 Possible causes of bomb attack 09:45 Implications for Russia & Ukraine 16:12 Implications for the West

1420 continues to ask really dangerous questions in its Moscow vox pop

Niki from St Petersburg interviews Zack the Russian

Zack who turned 21 just a few days ago! If you were 19-21 years old in Vietnam War days here in Oz I think you may well find in Zack yourself reincarnated!

Natasha from the Russian Far East updates us

Yesterday: Roman the Russian’s entertaining post on another city in Georgia

Anna from Ukraine deals with Russian propaganda

Here is one witness telling us about an aspect of life in Ukraine today

Catching up with Ukraine vlogs today…

Of course with the country having been fighting off the Russian invasion for six months now — or since 2014 arguably — that does rather dominate Ukraine vlogs, such as this one:

“My name is Starsky, I’m a Ukrainian National Guardian, blogger, and warhipster. I dedicate this channel to the international community of people who support Ukraine in it’s liberating struggle against Russian aggression.”

And in a different way this one — and this particular post is actually a very useful corrective to a major part of Putinist propaganda:

“Telling the truth about my beautiful country Ukraine. Subjective, emotional but honest.”

But others simply deal with life….

“Hi, guys! I’m Pavlo from Ukraine and I’ll be your Ukrainian mate on this channel. You will see our life, where we live and things we do, our holidays and of course national food.”