Midnight Shift bar is now history

Thanks to James O’Brien I learn that the downstairs bar of Oxford Street’s Midnight Shift is being pensioned off. Do look at James’s post where there are some great memories and photos.

Here are some archived images of my own.

 The Empress and Kiwi Nick emerge from the Midnight Shift, late afternoon Sunday
dec07 001


January 14, 2009

jan11 016
No flash; I wanted the tank itself to provide the light. What do you think? Yes, it’s grainy – but I don’t mind that.

 January 31, 2011




A recommendation from ten years ago

The post from June 2007 which follows needs updating: Strange Maps is still around and just as good, but has moved.


27 JUNE 2007
I love maps. Always have. You’ll notice that I now have a map as my masthead, and yes my place is in there somewhere, so there you see my little everyday world. Last April I referred to a marvellous blog called Strange Maps, which is often one of the top blogs here on WordPress.
Here are smaller versions of a couple of recent ones. You must visit Strange Maps to see them bigger, read about them, and start exploring the other maps.
First, 130 – A Ten-State Australia, which should interest Jim Belshaw and horrify John Howard, I suspect.


Second, 131 – US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs.


Fascinating site.

Select things I saw eight years ago

Been AWOL for a few days as I needed to husband my data allowance…

Taken from my photoblog Monthly Archives: June 2009

In Belmore Park Saturday 1 pm

2706 008

Surry Hills: “Little India” 4

0206 004

0206 007

Select things I saw five years ago

Taken from my photoblog Monthly Archives: June 2012.

Back in West Wollongong — 3


Yesterday: revisiting South Sydney — 1



Redfern Oval – home of the Bunnies.

School excursion

At the Old Catholic Cemetery, Wollongong.





Kids! Looks as if music was involved.

Now that I am retired…Smile

Wollongong Harbour (Belmore Basin) – June 17 — 4