More on convict Jacob Whitfield

From Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record (ABGR) Series 1 – 1788-1841: Now some remarkable documents from Wiki Tree: New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930 for Jacob Whitfield The person to whom Jacob is assigned, Henry Kable, a convict himself. is very well known in our early colonial history. Jacob Whitfield – New […]

Is this our Whitfield bicentennial?

I posted this around St Patrick’s Day in 2015. Rereading it I note that the crime that probably led to my convict ancestor Jacob Whitfield’s life sentence to Sydney occurred on 11 February 1820! Two hundred years ago yesterday. Our family historians located this somewhat murky story about charge and countercharge, giving us for the […]

Too many Whitfields!

I have a lot of family history in my blogs, much now consolidated in Neil’s Family Specials and Memory Hole. Lately some potentially confusing comments have appeared in what is in fact my original (though revised) post on Whitfield family history. What a maze that comment thread has become over that past 10+ years! On the […]

Photoblog recycle: November 2008 — Jacob

The photoblog was on Ninglun’s Specials then and late November 2008 featured the “Looking for Jacob” series. Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 1 Posted on November 20, 2008 by Neil Having eschewed the series and multiple pictures concepts a few days back, here I am reviving both!  But there is a reason. If you go […]