Huawei device dying, footy tipping dilemma and ear wax…

Yes my

…has a problem. Its battery is almost cactus! It has been doing faithful service since March 2020 after all. I have managed to coax a little life out of it but I fear I must visit the Vodafone store.


Footy tipping

Not great this round, as you can see.

If anything Round 4 could be even more difficult, even with a changed look to my tips.

Yes I am still thinking about it. I am also wondering whether to stay in the Diggers comp. Not many people are in it and it is not generating the fun it once did. Not to mention being tied to a Wednesday or Thursday visit to the club. I went today but the tip cards were not yet available.

Ear wax

I had a syringing this morning which was not a great success. So I have to continue the ear drops for a few more days. The syringing sounded like a steam train going up my ear canal. But the wax mostly hung on….

New menu at Diggers

First thing though is that busloads of Asian people have reappeared. I suspect this was a school group — not sure where from.

I ordered from the new menu a chicken and vegetable pie. It was not quite what I expected:

What it really was under that crust was quite a decent chicken soup.

Why not just serve it as soup with a good crispy crust bread roll?