Back to Sutherland Public School — in a sense…

Where I started school in 1949 — just a few years after this! The building in fact is as it was when I first attended.

There is a new group — private — on Facebook. Naturally I joined.

Did you attend a Sutherland Shire School in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s or earlier? Post your school photos, reminisce, re-connect with old friends, plan or advertise your school reunions. 

As you can see it is proving popular. I conttibuted a class photo from 1951.

There is a bit of a long story attached to this one of Sutherland Primary in 1951!

I told it in my blog im May 2022.

Sutherland Public School (Boys) 3A 1951 — I am circled. Colourised. I now recognise quite a few faces in this. I think the teacher at this point was Mr McEwen.

Front row 2nd from left Colin Dawson and on right of boy with board ? Cliff Tanko

Next row 3rd from left Mervyn Simmons and two along to the right Malcolm Simmons

Srcond back row 2nd from left Robert Greer. Two futher along a Stapleton, then two to the right another Stapleton

Back row 5 from left ?Ross Mackay. then Brian Smith, me, Laurence Napier

By the way I had been years trying to recall the name of the 3A teacher from 72 years ago and got it from another post in that group! And here is another irony! I did my first practice teaching session in 1961 at Jannali Public School — my supervising teacher was the very same Mr McEwen!

My excellent 6th Class teacher, Eddie O’Neill, after Sutherland taught at Jannali East — in 1957 anyway. In 1960 he was at Laguna Street Public School in Caringbah.

There he is: Eddie O’Neill, my Year 6 1954 teacher – in 1957

I have recounted much about this in these two posts: On IQ and reality TV on SBS, however well intended… (2018) and Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 26 — when your 6th Grade teacher’s son emails you… (2021). 

Sutherland Public School — 21st Century



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