Surely we can recognise an authentic human being? More on some of the Russian vlogs.

The other day I mentioned that Christmas card which arrived from California having been sent on 6th December! Here is what it said, which pleased me so much.

Coming from Kanani who has had so much experience writing for such papers as The LA Times and also being involved in a number of significant documentary productions such as Restrepo this was even more pleasing. She has also had a number of blogs, most of which now are invitation only, but one featuring some of her poetry is still open: jumbles and images — Poetry by Kanani Fong. In fact it was through blogging that we found each other, as back in 2007 I quoted her in On welfare issues with Korean-Australian students.

I like to think that now it is the discoveries I have made in the world of Russian and Ukrainian vlogs which she has found particularly of interest. Today I want to share just three. First I would like to repeat the generous words of the Ukrainian Canadian:

There is no doubt there are many Russian people giving a great effort (whether on YouTube, protesters, ex-politicians, partisans, etc) to fight back against the regime and do their best to stop this senseless war. I sometimes don’t give enough credit to them. However, they are still a minority compared that what it actually could be.

Roman the Russian

He revealed a new look on his Instagram yesterday, though if I had really been observant I would have noticed it in his most recent vlog post. Yes, the facial hair has gone, and it takes years off him! Mind you he is after all only 24!

But it does more, I think. That photo to me clearly shows a young man in considerable pain. Look at his eyes. The exile is plain to see, and he has told us of that recently as he reflected on what has happened in the past year.

Natasha from the Russian Far East

When Natasha finally arrived in Tbilisi and met up with her compatriot Zack the Russian

Yesterday Natasha posted a very moving vlog entry. As my friend Rosemary remarked on Facebook: “A very moving video from a courageous young lady! She is so honest and frank in her revelations and so compelling to listen to her discussion of topical issues. It is good that she is now safer in Georgia.”

Niki formerly in Saint Petersburg

There had been a hiatus in Niki’s vlogging. I will let him explain.

Not so hard to recognise when we are dealing with authentic human beings, is it? I am in awe of these young people.


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