Christmas break — and Selections from 2022 Part 1

Thank you all my friends and followers! Time to break for a few days. If you are a Facebook friend you can see me there, or if you care to anyone can see me on Mastodon. Not Twitter any more, alas! It has been putrefying lately so I left.

Look back over the past year on this blog too, if you want. Start maybe back in January. Here are some of the songs I shared in January 2022.

Some 2022 highlights

As shared on Mastodon.

From January 2022: So 200 years ago my Irish convict ancestor had his first Christmas in New South Wales as he contemplated his life sentence. — 1822 – 2022 — the bicentennial year!

From February 2022 a wordless post. Chose itself really! No words.

From March 2022: These reposts are prompted by renewed communication with Rosemary. While ths month saw much time and pleasure devoted tu tipping Rugby League results as part of Rosemary’s town tipping competition — going on for the rest of the season — it also saw what became the most siuccessful post of the year with 450 views and counting; Confronting ongoing horror in the news… with music.

From April 2022: Another courageous young Russian vlogger and other uplifting finds recently.

From May 2022: Yesterday I voted here in The Gong — Australian election 2022. Also Sharing these because they (temporarily) vanished from my Facebook feed and should be seen!.

From June 2022: Music will resume shortly… and This amazing and important documentary made an extra post almost a duty!

From July 2022: The significance of this one is greater than it might seem, as it is fair to say this and some events off the blog radar immediately after mark the end of possibly the most significant part of my life in the past 32 years, as since then communication between us has virtually ended. Sirdan and some others who read this will know what I am talking about though this is the first time I have stated it thus. On his side there have been changes of direction that are not unrelated to changes in the world. I think I understand those changes. There were also truths spoken on this day on both sides from which perhaps there was no way back. I do wonder whether others have been affected by these changes too, Quick note on yesterday, and video that relates… More from July when this series continues.

Continues after Christmas….


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