Staying with the Wollongong Class of 1980, but monitoring those Russian and Ukrainian vloggers

Old age means I bailed out, as the previous post explains, but thanks to Facebook virtual participation is possible — even the next day. Their private group already yields many treasures with more to come I’m sure. For example from Gary P: “It’s 1:45am and the last men standing – Alex Deura, Michael Wilson, Wayne Stone. and I are bailing out. I’ve had such a lovely night – it’s been wonderful to see you all. Looking forward to the next reunion, whenever that may be.”

And some memories I share — and Rosemary my now FB friend and former colleague from those days no doubt.

Class and Market Day 1979 photos shared on FB by Paul Hope.

And Market Day 1979 — I was there!

Here is one I have shared before from 1976 — and yes I am smoking….

Reverse mufti day in the English Department

Meanwhile in Ukraine and Russia

And Wollongong-related, as it appears Smiths Hill High ex-student Misha Zelinsky is back in Kyiv:

The vloggers in Ukraine and Russia have been very very active in the last few days. I will select just a few in my next post. Here is just a taste, and as I write I see that Roman the Russian has just posted his take and already has in two hours had 96.000 views! But here are samples only: