So tonight Wollongong High School’s Class of 1980 have their 40th reunion at last!

It had been postponed twice because of Covid. Now they are turning 60 as I, who once taught them, am on the edge of 80. Two years back I planned to go, but now I have pulled out, leaving a message for them yesterday on their private Facebook group page.

40 year Reunion for those who were in Year 10 in 1978 and Year 12 in 1980. The original date was Saturday 3rd of October 2020.

This is my message, which of course is not private. 60 members have seen it as at 6.30 pm

Well, my old friends — I hope that is what we now are — old age catches up with me so I won’t be there. I will be there with you all in spirit and am sure it will be a great night. Had you stumbled into City Diggers during the day today (Friday) you would have seen this old teacher — and in fact I was talking about your reunion with a couple of people and conjuring up a few memories. One concerned Rex Cook and a rather hilarious school assembly. I will leave you all guessing about that one…

And this is the old bugger you might have found in Diggers today. I suspend myself upside down in a cupboard at night, you see….

I have posted Wollongong High related items quite a few times over the past ten years or so, attending the Class of 1983 Reunion back in 2013. The Class of 1980 are using the same venue tonight.

With Stewart Holt

And on this and the Class of 1980 see also: These reposts are prompted by renewed communication with Rosemary.

That really took me back. You see, at Wollongong High in 1975-1976 I was teaching [Year 8] Photography as well as English. You will observe the two top right copies of “The Gleam”, WHS’s magazine/yearbook. Those covers are my work I do believe. The insides too represented quite a departure from what had gone before. If I recall correctly we were gifted offset printing by Illawarra County Council, the local electricity authority at that time who had a new printery with not enough for it to do. The scope it gave us was marvellous. I do seem to recall playing a bit of a trick on the student editorial committee – the 1976 one, I think – by submitting anonymously some meaningless but trendy-sounding poems, which they published. I no longer have copies of these mags. I do now have a digital copy of 1980. Fascinating — as I indeed borrowed a couple of poems from it to publish in the very first Neos in 1981.

Now for the rest of my day yesterday.

And there was good conversation had at the Club with Adam and then Colin….