More authentic words from actual Russians who oppose Putin and the war…

Today is the great road race which is the climax of the UCI World Championships here in Wollongong — but I eschew that as there have been such important vlog posts from our young Russian friends. But there is a story that concerns the bike race — unfortunately locked away under a paywall:

Yes — their bikes did not show up! A local Wollongong business supplied them with free replacements!

Nice one!

Meanwhile even as I am writing this post 21-year-old Zack the Russian is live from Tbilisi. I gather from his previous live vlog that he and fellow-vlogger Natasha, recently arrived from Russia, are going to participate in an antiwar demonstration on Tbilisi later today.

From Natasha’s vlog the day she arrived in Tbilisi….

Zack live 25th September — he talked for 2 hours….

Niki from St Petersburg: “Partial mobilisation was announced in Russia. Many people gathered for a protest, many people are fleeing from Russia right now. This video I want to share some details of these events, and also share some personal feelings after observing the protests in Saint Petersburg.

“I also prepared a few street interviews with Russians to show what people think about mobilisation. Thanks to @Dima from Russia for filming these interviews for us….”

Yes everybody is trying to leave — “I’ve been trying to collect myself for the last two days to record this video, but I just couldn’t because I feel f***in’ awful….” — Roman the Russian.

And from London there is some analysis by Russian-born, Russian-speaking Oxford-educated political philosopher Vlad Vexler:

00:00 Are referenda prelude to nuclear attack? 03:14 How ‘partial’ is the mobilisation? 03:38 Dangerous for Putin to arm citizens? 04:15 Putin’s main aim now? 05:32 Are Russians naive about mobilisation? 09:02 Protest in Russia 12:40 Should we let in Russians fleeing mobilization? 15:33 Will mobilization smash Putin’s popularity? 16:42 Why did Putin trade Azov fighters for Medvedchuk? 17:58 Stalin’s shadow