Catching up with some of the Russian vlogs I follow

There was such a long gap in the vlog 1420 of Daniil and Artyom, usually in Moscow doing often daring vox pop interviews, that I wondered whether the authorities had come for them at last! I shared this Canadian report on them in June.

Now they have returned in spades, posting today three vlogs in quick succession, the first being an edited version of one made some 8-9 days ago about how Russians in rural Russia feel about LGBTI people. Mostly negative, though younger people expressed more relaxed views. This one seems to have mostly been made by Artyom as at the time Daniil seems to have been in Estonia and currently in Latvia. YouTube had taken the original video down, as Daniil explains in the censored repost today. I saw the original.

Also today is a very daring one, Artyom (I think) covering Moscow and Daniil in Riga, Latvia.

The third one is much lighter — a flag recognition exercise. That one I leave to you to find….

Roman the Russian, now living in Georgia, became much more directly political in his latest vlog, published two days ago. Very rich colloquial English complete with F-bombs, as is Roman’s wont! Great content though from a VERY perceptive young man.

Finally one of the most moving and also informative posts from 20-year-old Zack the Russian, now also in Georgia but originally from the far east of Russia.

It is from May and confronts what happened in Bucha in Ukraine, scene of absolute Russian war crimes. He reflects on the fact that he could very easily have been one of the Russian soldiers there, and no doubt at all that people from his own home area in Russia actually were. At one point he is close to tears. Do watch it!

Ignore that please. You must watch it! It is an absolute service to all of us who simply want to know what is really happening, why, and who is responsible!


4 thoughts on “Catching up with some of the Russian vlogs I follow

    • That has absolutely nothing to do with them,

      According to a report in The Guardian the real target was probably Dugin who is truly a Russian fascist and called by some “Putin’s brain.” I have gone into this on Facebook but will not on my blog. I will be interested to see what Vlad Vexler, who I have recommended several times here, might say, He really knows a great deal about Dugin and the connection to Putin.

      What these vloggers post about does not as I said have any connection to any of that. What they do is give us insight into the minds and lives of young Russians living in — or exiled from — a regime we can barely imagine.

      It is that humanity I cherish and find inspiring and wish to share.

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