A few Ukraine vlogs and a related site

Following the last two entries I now present things mostly from Ukraine. The last ones are not but are definitely good for context. They range back a month or two sometimes which has led to me doing a rather long search on YouTube. I hope you find them interesting.

The first from May 2022 is actually an American who did volunteer work helping distribute food in areas around Kyiv that had been occupied by the Russians for a period.

UPDATE 17 July 2022: You can find much negative about Johnny FD’s past and the period in the months before he posted either of these two vlogs. This is a reasonable example of such critique.

While it is clear that YouTube vloggers like Johnny FD should never be relied upon for unbiased, insightful analysis of world events or a replacement for professional journalism, there is still hope that travel vloggers can add important views from the people they meet.

Indeed — and the people he meets do have much to show us and tell us.

Screen shot:

One more:

This is a gentler one — self-explanatory I think.

The next one is from an active participant who before the invasion had a travel vlog. Here he deals very convincingly with a key piece of Russian propaganda. Of course you must judge for yourself, but I believe him. He has been barred by the way from entering Russia for 50 years….

Now two documentaries from a very interesting German/French channel. They return us to Russia too. They are expertly subtitled in English.

6 thoughts on “A few Ukraine vlogs and a related site

    • I think this is the official Russian view and that of some others, and as you say Pope Francis gives it some credence, but I think the fact that the result has in fact been NATO gaining more members means that Putin has shot himself in the foot. But he war was and is unjustified. In my opinion. I avoided my own opinions in the last three posts. I have just drafted the next blog post and include a video dealing with the NATO expansion issue.

      • I think that’s all the result of the game of thrones.
        The West argument is more result-based, namely Russia attacking Ukraine. While the other party’s argument is more based on the cause.
        Before the war broke out, why did NATO ignore Russia’s security guarantee proposal? What is the urgency after the cold war is over. It feels like insensitive to Russia’s sense of security, but at the same time the West feels a security threat when China – Solomon Islands signed a bilateral cooperation pact (an island that is even separated by the sea, unlike Russia-Ukraine border). I “just feel” why only the West is allowed to establish security cooperation with other countries while China/Russia should not?

        Wherever China wants to establish economic cooperation with other countries, there must be hot news from the western media. What’s even warmer was that China’s business of 5G technology is being thwarted everywhere. And the warmest thing was that USA waging a trade war against China. Poor China, looks like they shouldn’t work hard to be more powerful and/or richer than USA if don’t want to get a problem. Even British former PM Tony Blair urges west to unite against China’s domination.



        It signifies that the West wants to keep dominant over other nations and reluctant to be rivaled. That’s the root cause, white supremacy mentality. But…. Neil is always be my best blogging friend.

      • Thanks Tikno. I did come first in Asian History at Sydney Uni way back in 1962 and I have read quite a lot of postcolonial theory. So I do get what you are saying. Way back in 1962 by the way one of the books we read was K M Panikkar’s “Asia and Western Dominance” a bit of a pioneering work that opened my eyes. I was happy to get a free copy as a PDF not long ago so have been reading it again. I may address some of the matters you raise in the future — and if you go to my blog and put “China Policy” in the search box you may find I already have. I also think that the China issue and the Russian invasion of Ukraine should be separated. In my view they are quite different matters. Yes, I know there are other views.

        One of my many posts over recent years about China is https://neilcommonplacebook.wordpress.com/2021/11/27/china-chynnah-potato-head-chiiiinnnnaaaaggh/

        Your blogging friendship is much appreciated.

        Have you noticed who our new Australian Foreign Minister is, by the way? https://youtu.be/zINFc8fS5oA

      • Yes, I know who is Penny Wong. I just hope he more care to the Australia’s national interests and establish good relationship with all countries, rather than the interests of the hegemony out there.

      • I hope I did not come across as rude in that comment! Yes I do think our present government is more likely to pursue good relationships with all countries than the previous one was — but there will still be differences too, on the subject of Ukraine for example. BTW I mostly do this sort of thing on Facebook these days rather than the blog — which I am sure you have noticed has moved on to other things now.

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