Sad news, but also looking forward to lunch

The Sydney High Old Boys Union group on Facebook delivered sad news yesterday, which I passed on thus:

Sydney High friends whether students or former colleagues may not have seen that the truly wonderful Tony Hannon has just passed away. Rugby aside, he was a fantastic human being and a true friend and confidante for me and many others.

Mind you he loved his Rugby and was a fantastic coach and inspiration. He also backed me to the hilt when we were dealing with some nasty public issues about SBHS, “Asians” and prowess at Rugby — which became the fodder of the press and talkback radio. Tony was an enthusiastic supporter of the joys of a multicultural school. He was a man of vision.

And I had forgotten — an inspiring and innovative teacher of History.

RIP Tony!

1989 First Grade Rugby, Coach Tony Hannon and Trainer Phil Ainsworth — and that in itself is another great story which I have told on my blog (see below). BTW Tony was from the start a supporter and regular reader of my blog.

See this 2012 post for more about Phil Ainsworth and how Tony and other colleagues and students at Sydney High dealt with his illness and death 1989-90.

One last word from the FB group:

From Robyn Dixon, Mr Hannon’s sister:

“I am Tony’s sister Robyn and on the family’s behalf I want to thank you all so much for your wonderful tributes. His funeral will take place next Monday 18 July at 10.00 am at the Macquarie Park Crematorium. The funeral notice will appear in the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday. Once again, thank you all for your lovely words.”

Later today though lunch is set with Michael Xu at Ziggy’s House of Nomms! At last after many an attempt to lure him there failed. See also So Australia Day again — #2 which is about 2021 and a lunch there with Chris Turner and Rowan Cahill.

Zggy’s House of Nomms — Wollongong

Steen and Kevin of Ziggy’s House of Nomms. That’s the truly amazing prawn and scallop dumplings in front!

And here (posted on Facebook by Ziggy’s) the absolutely mouth-watering garlic prawn spring roll!

Oh my: Ziggy’s no longer does lunch on Monday and Tuesday — since May 2022!

So we will go to a place just as good: Taste of Xian.

This review coincides with my view:

How do you know when a Chinese restaurant is good ? Usually it’s packed with the local Chinese community. For a bargain of 12.50, you can have an amazing dumpling soup with a burger, meet is fresh, flour is fresh, everything was delicious and amazing. Most of it, the staff was super friendly and willing to share their knowledge about the food.

This is what I said back in 2017 when Chris Turner and I first went there. We have been many times since.

We often forget that there is a great variety in Chinese cuisine. At Taste of Xi’an there was not a grain of rice to be seen in either meal we ordered. On the variety of Chinese cuisine — until recent years hard to be observed in Sydney (or Wollongong) see Local Knowledge: Sydney’s Best Regional Chinese Food, Part One and Local Knowledge: Sydney’s Best Regional Chinese Food, Part Two. The small but select menu at Taste of Xi’an features Shaanxi cuisine.

In China, Shaanxi cuisine is known for two rather distinct reasons. The first is the impressive use of usually unpopular ingredients like camel, mutton and bitter gourd; the other reason is the area’s snacks. Unsurprisingly, it’s the latter that’s come to Sydney. Pretty much all the Shaanxi or Xian (the capital of the region) restaurants in Sydney specialise in roujiamo (a doughy Chinese pita bread burger stuffed with fatty shredded pork), and liangpi (handmade cold noodles most often served with chilli oil, bean sprouts, cucumber and MSG). They’re usually eaten together along with an Ice Peak, a local Fanta-like soft drink.

And in somewhat eccentric English this blog informs us that Xi Jinping’s favourite food is from his native Shaanxi.

According to reports, when Xi Jinping Chairman Lien Chan and his wife entertained, there Seder steamed mutton, Hamburger, biang biang surface, Liang Pi , which steamed mutton, Hamburger, biangbiang surface is made ​​by a chef in Beijing…


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