Wonders will never cease! The Murdoch backflip on climate change?

Or is is simply that facts and reality have triumphed in the end? The matter was brilliantly explained and discussed in this week’s Media Watch on our ABC.

Yes, it is such a break from the regular rubbishing of climate change science that has been the bread and butter of Murdoch and all his lickspittles for what — over a decade? Leading to displays like this with that dreadful man who was later to be our PM, echoing the Murdoch line for all he was worth:


Tony Abbott was no better informed six or seven years later.

Such journalism was not of course only in the Realm of Murdoch. Take this depressing item concerning a Globe and Mail (Canada) columnist back in 2011 — typical of the universal nonsense of climate change denialism.

According to Ms. Wente, the impacts of climate change remain a future fantasy, unquantifiable by data collected through “insanely complicated” climate science. Her perspective is informed by the omission of facts, falsehoods, and fake experts. In a dance with smoke and mirrors she creates issues where none exist and ignores others that do.

There was a time when I couldn’t understand what motivated writers like Wente to stand so firmly against such clear and solid science. The psychology of “confirmation bias” has provided the answer for me. 

Like all of us, Wente has her biases, and most of us, like her, like to have those biases confirmed. So we seek out the information that confirms what we already believe and disregard that information that might prove us wrong.

As a columnist, Wente presents the information which confirms her ideological beliefs as truths and facts to the readers of the Globe and Mail. She excels as a columnist in part because she mocks and jeers her detractors. This pleases the people who agree with her but makes her loathed by those who don’t.  It provokes reaction on both sides, and eliminates any possibility of civil conversation.

So given the apparent tectonic shift in the Realm of Rupert, may we look forward to a rapid disappearance of bullsh*t on the subject? Maybe not…

This is typical:

See by way of contrast my post earlier this month Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 71 — on just about everyone except our government being inspirational about our planet. There you may also see for yourself — complete and unredacted — what Margaret Thatcher had to tell the world about climate change a rather long time ago!