One year ago exactly — a reminder of what a total goon we were dealing with then! Worth reposting it all.

Note: 500,000 more Americans have died from Covid since this first appeared. The 700,000 was passed yesterday.

On Donald Trump’s miraculous recovery

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When Donald J Trump performed that characteristic attention-grabbing stunt yesterday and also tweeted about how much he had learned about Covid, I had a short exchange with my niece on Facebook. I had said “A showman to the end! Will be interesting to see what he has learned.” She replied: “Nothing I expect. You don’t end up in your 70’s and suddenly change.” Well, turns out my niece was right.

First, let me quote the ABC’s go-to person on the virus, Dr Norman Swan, on ABC News Breakfast a short time ago.

The ABC’s medical expert Dr Norman Swan said that Mr Trump being given “unproven therapies” was interesting. Dr Swan said this was because Mr Trump was either more seriously ill than the White House was saying or they had panicked and were, “just throwing everything at him. The reality is though, if he’s going to fall off the cliff with this, it’s going to be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday of this week,” he said. “So, he may well be returning to hospital. I hope not and the signs that they are sending him home are good but I imagine that this is the patient from Hell.”

On MSNBC the opinion was:

To be sure, the competition is fierce, but this might be the single most dangerous thing Trump has ever tweeted. The president wants the people of his own country not to “be afraid” of a deadly virus that’s already claimed the lives of nearly 210,000 Americans? There’s a significant percentage of the population that, for whatever reasons, is under the impression that Trump knows what he’s talking about. These people are now being told that if they get infected, they’ll be treated with “really great drugs [and] knowledge,” and ultimately feel the best they’ve felt in 20 years.

In announcing that I would write this post, I said: “I am about to write a second blog post today prompted by the 210,000 dead Americans and their families who are so grateful to Donald Trump for being told COVID should not dominate their lives.”

You will recall what Dr Phillips said after the motorcade stunt:

So the leopard has not, cannot, change his spots. As I said after that dreadful “debate” — and I do not repent my words:

On a slightly lighter note:

It is a White House where lies are normal and bullshit and spin rule. I do not go for any of the conspiracy theories that have emerged either on the right or the left. It is simply that Trump and it appears the toadies and fans around him are so far gone into the delusionary mindset of a Willy Loman or a Jay Gatsby that there is no way back. They have not realised that for all the worthy characteristics Arthur Miller and Scott Fitzgerald gave those characters, they both — like this presidency will — ended badly.

Do revisit Dr Norman Swan’s clever son.

And this US voter — a lifelong Republican — shows that not all Americans have drunk the Kool-Aid. Posted TODAY!

Then on 10 October 2020 this marvellous song appeared on YouTube:

Just wonderful!

May this creature vanish until he is a distant nightmare, or a cautionary tale for the future and nothing more….