Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 60 — it’s the Moon Festival

I see I posted on this exactly eight years ago — twice: 19 September 2013 and 20 September 2013.

Here in West Wollongong in 2013 the Autumn Festival moon looked like this – except that it was spring of course!

One of the gains from my years with Michael Xu is an enjoyment of traditional Chinese music – truly beautiful.

The Chinese Dulcimer or Guqin — which is what you hear in that second video.

Of course in recent years the politics has just gone totally bananas! But let us not focus on that right now. There is nothing I really can do about it — it is just sad, and very dangerous. No, let us just see the beauty of this festival right now.

The next video comes from the past day or two, from Henan TV in China. It feature the wonderful Zhou Shen, that counter-tenor we have met before — an enormously popular figure in China now. Genuinely.

We don’t need to know Chinese to enjoy the artistry of that.

The story behind the Moon Festival follows:

A bright moon rising above Tian Shan Mountain,
Lost in a vast ocean of clouds.
The long wind, across thousands upon thousands of miles,
Blows past the Jade-gate Pass.
The army of Han has gone down the Baiteng Road,
As the barbarian hordes probe at Qinghai Bay.
It is known that from the battlefield
Few ever live to return.
Men at Garrison look on the border scene,
Home thoughts deepen sorrow on their faces.
In the towered chambers tonight,
Ceaseless are the women’s sighs.

Li Bai (李白) or Li Po — 701-762

Li Bai