Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 52 — more playing with photos

It gets worse and worse here with COVID — but more of that at the end of this post! Let’s look at more of those tinted pics I have been posting on Facebook, and then a touch of music before the bad news. Yes, I know that here in Oz today is 11 September, but given we are on the other side of the date line we experienced all that on the 12th. I have however already noted something on FB which I may share tomorrow.

In fact it appears the first hit at the Twin Towers was at 1.00 am Australian eastern daylight saving time 12 September.

Shellharbour December 1921 — colourised. Is my father (aged 10) one of the boys here?
Shellharbour 1950. Every chance I was there sometime… That little boy in the foreground could be me, except the girl is not my sister. Could be a cousin though… I had blonde hair when younger…
Shellharbour 1959 colourised. That year I accompanied my mum and dad, and Grandpa Roy Christison, to Shellharbour Public School for its centenary. Grandpa Roy was the oldest surviving headmaster.
Shellharbour pool 1959, shared in black and white earlier — after the 1972 Olympics it became Beverley Whitfield Pool in honour of my cousin Max’s daughter! But yes, I was no doubt there in 1959. And I like to imagine this could be me! It MIGHT be!

Colourisation is so-so and the original quality is not great. But it suits my nostalgia! And the way the man is standing reminds me of my father. He does not have tatts — that is just a weird thing the colourising did.
And is that our dog behind him?
I was certainly in Shellharbour in 1958 — and before, and after! When I recall it as “small” (but perfectly formed!) I am not kidding myself am I?

The Church of England spire really does stand out!

Michael Xu and I have been sharing music, but following our having somewhat of a contretemps in the politics department on FB Messenger — my fault as much as anyone’s — we at the moment do this via email. One of the singers he shared yesterday is this incredible voice from Kazakhstan, here seen on Chinese TV in 2020. Strangely, it is not my first encounter with his voice, the first coming via Louise D’Arcens who, as you may recall, now lives in the house in Sutherland that was my home from birth to age 8! Weird what the internet can do, eh!

What a voice! What a touching video too! Yet another reminder of our shared humanity!

The COVID news yesterday — our Premier is giving up regular daily updates. Can’t say I blame her. Clearly Gladys does not want to be visible when the sh*t hits the fan even more than it already has. But quite understandably her withdrawal is not being well received.

38 are from Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD. 28 in Wollongong, 8 in Shellharbour, 2 in Shoalhaven.
Even more depressing than that are many of the comments that appear on the WIN page for this and the live press conference — strengthening the sad truth there is no vaccine against stupid. Fortunately there are sane comments too. I never comment myself. I suspect I am not alone, so that a higher proportion of dingbats appear in the comment thread. Probably better to turn off the comments, WIN! What purpose does it really serve?