Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 51 — get vaccinated!

Yes, yesterday at 4.30 pm at Wollongong Medical Centre, leading to this modification of my Facebook header:

Given yesterday’s stats for our part of the world, it was about time. I had AstraZeneca, the 12-week due second dose.

23 are from Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD: 10 from Wollongong, 12 from Shellharbour, 1 from Shoalhaven.

With very few exceptions on sound medical grounds, there is absolutely no excuse when it comes to vaccination. The words RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNITY, and DUTY trump all the conspiracist and libertarian hogwash out there! As these good folks in North Carolina so amply show on their excellent Facebook page.

Just one of a set of excellent graphics from the good people of Chatham County N.C.

And what a pithy cartoon today on Loon Pond!

Let’s reprise that wonderful song from Engand’s Marsh family:

Yep, if you have not done it yet — DO IT!