Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 50 — more playing with photos

But first:

Second Astrazeneca shot!

And just as well. The latest place to be shut down and deep-cleaned because the virus had visited here in The Gong — and I speak of just yesterday! — is the Catholic School just over the road from where I sit right now in West Wollongong.

Now for some more of my “tinted” photos first posted to Facebook in the last month or so. In each where possible I include some of what I said on Facebook.

Cronulla 1927 — gently tinted.
North Cronulla 1965 — there is a very good chance I was there! I would say this is December-January 1965-6. I was about to start teaching at Cronulla High! So much detail and (before I reached the photo) possibly excess sharpening have defied the colourising thingie — but it is still worth posting. The result is almost solarised.
Touch of colour on Cronulla 1962. From the original photo by Bob Weeks shared on the Historic Cronulla and Sutherland Shire public group.
Anzac March 1938 — had to try tinting it. And a little over a year later….